I waited patiently for my dad to return, when he did he told me my mum will be discharged tomorrow🙏🏾. We didn’t talk much about the morning’s incidence. When it was around 5pm, I sneaked out and headed for where I hoped to find Monica.🏃🏽
Thank God for google map. As I got closer to the place I realised the map was no good. I could remember vividly👀. I could remember walking the street with Monica. I went straight into her house🏠. When I knocked the door Mr. Acheampong came to the door.
It seems I could remember everything now💭.
This was the man I had preached to, he was a traditionalist who by the grace of God gave up on idolism and followed Christ. I had fallen in love with his daughter, Monica, and she followed me to church too.
My mum didn’t like the idea of me dating a recent convert.
I smiled at him:mrgreen: and asked if Monica was around. He had his mouth open all that while and then asked me to come in. He then called Monica for me and then excused himself. I couldn’t sit to wait for Monica! I was on my feet.
When she entered she stood still as though she had seen a ghost. When I saw her in her dress, I again remembered I had been here before. I remember us laughing and teasing each other. I don’t know whether she had turned dumb🙊 or I had turned deaf🙉 because I saw her lips going up and down but no words came out.
Then I walked over to her and gave her a big hug, and a holy kiss😘. Then she broke into tears😥.
Then I gave her the bracelet. She looked at me and smiled. And then I said “ko lom”, I said it because I remember we used to say that to each other, and then she said ko lom too. She was surprised I remembered her bracelet.
I could remember everything now😄! I remember arguing with my mum on whom to date. She said I couldn’t convert someone and just start dating her, but it was because she actually though Manny was well-to-do and would make a suitable spouse instead. On the day of the incident I was headed for her place and I crushed not very far from her home. I rolled off from behind the motor rider and landed badly with my head knocking hard on the pavement. And then she told me that after the incident my mum blamed her for the accident and asked that she stays away from me:|. She was the one who admitted me to the hospital and she visited me several times until my dad also warned her.


Watch out for the final episode. It’s ur man Eddy💥