“I’m Obinim” Season 2 Episode 4



As at now, I didn’t even know whether am alive or not, I did my best to save the situation but I just couldn’t prevent the dream from coming true.

The next thing I saw was myself at the hospital with a doctor attending to me. I could feel pains all over my body and that made me very weak. I tried waking up but the doctor didn’t make me. It was a she. Her voice alone made me forget the pain I was in. It was very tiny and sweet.

She wore a spectacle and her lips was so tiny that she even looked like a goddess.

If I will be sick only to be attended by this cute doctor then let it be so. Let me be sick forever.

She began pressing my chest all over to see if I was feeling any pain there.

“Do you feel any pain?” She asked as she pressed gently on my chest.

I didn’t even get what she was saying. My mind was far away concentrating on her beauty than paying attention to what matters.

“Mr. Obi, please do you feel anything, can you hear me?” She asked.

As if I care about how I feel now, I checked the name on her name tag, she was Dr. Efua Simons.

A well-blended foreign and local name.  Efua Simons, how about Efua Eshun, when I finally get the ring on her finger, she will bare my name.

“Ei” what the hell is wrong with me? Am I even thinking of marrying her without even knowing her?

“Mr. Obi is everything alright? She asked. She was getting worried when I was not answering her questions.

“Doc. Efua, I’m ok, I just feel some pains in my waist and back.” I answered.

She helped me turn around with my back facing her as she began examining my back and waist.

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I felt her warm soft palms. It felt good and tender.

This is what I call proper health care. I didn’t see this in my dream, somehow everything had changed.

But what kept me worried was what really happened to Pozo after I had black out.

Aside that, I was also worried about Shela, I knew she will be waiting for me by now and probably may be disappointed because I didn’t show up.

I asked the Doc. If I can make a call.

“I guess you want to get in touch with your family” Doc. Simons asked.

“Yeah, they need to know I’m here.” I said.

“Don’t worry, we have been able to do that already, your phone is in our possession.

We were able to reach the last person on your called, I learnt she is your sister, she is already on her way here.” Doc. Simons said.

What a relief!

Now I have nothing really to bother about, half of my burden is gone.

That was the time I also critically examined Doc.

Efua Simons in my mind. She wrote something on my file, as she continued to check on me. I observed her legs. Her calf was very fleshy and pleasant to the eyes.

Even though she wore the Doctor’s coat or whatever they call it, I could actually visualize how curvy her body was.

The next thing I looked was her left finger, Bingo.

There was no ring. She ain’t married either.  In my mind, I was dancing to this music “Oh Happy Day”.

But come to think of it.  She is a medical doctor and who am I, a High school graduate. That is not a problem at all, at least I can continue with my schooling now that I know my dad who is also well to do and can easily take care of my education.

She all of a sudden asked a weird question. “Mr. Obi, can you tell me your occupation? Where did that come from, Is that part of my medical condition or what? I asked myself. Besides what answer am I suppose to even give her.

As if she knew what I was thinking she said. “I just asked because, I was wondering why gentle man like you would be in involved with such an angry mob.”

Hold on, did you just hear that, “ a gentle man like me”.

Another tune just popped up in my mind, “After the Reggae Play the Blues”

It was as if I just won the ultimate prize of “Who wants be a billionaire” Tv show.

However I couldn’t answer her. She then placed her hand on my forehead to check my temperature, I didn’t know what came over me, I held her hand and that moment, the awkward silent set in.

We looked into each other’s eyes as I held her hand, with no blink. Was there a connection or it was just my mind.

The next was, Shela just came into my ward and that interrupted the whole vibe.

To be Continued.