I was in a car going home🚙. It was a Saturday, and hopefully I will see all my siblings too:). The area looked very different. I had been in the hospital for the past 7 months. My dad was driving me home and he talked very little on our way.
When we got home Julia ran over to me and hugged me, so did Susan, my sister older than Julia. My big brother was not at home. When I was showed to my room it didn’t look very different, except for new curtains and a picture of myself and Manny hanging on the wall. Oh there was another thing too, I had a post on my wall with the name ‘Chelsea football club’ and their players with some trophies. That was very strange:oops: because I was wondering why I will ever support a losing team😄. I pulled it off immediately!
When I looked in the door way Julia was standing there. I was hoping to see that face she used to make in my coma:roll: but she was smiling:). Well I couldn’t trust that either. She came over and jumped into my bed. I smiled.
Then she said “for tonight’s story I want you to tell me about what happened in your coma”.
From this I made a simple deductive reasoning; I have been telling her stories every night. If that was true then she was different from the character in my coma. She sounded very sweet. Then she told me she has been praying for me everyday🙏🏾. I looked at her quietly and saw that she was telling the truth. I sat beside her and asked her to pray and thank God for my recovery. She prayed better than what I expected.
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After the prayers she told me there was something she had to tell me. I was all ears. Then she told me mummy took her doll, she seemed to be surprised at my reaction and then said again “Mummy took my doll, M.A.” This time speaking as though she was whispering. I am sure my parents haven’t told her I had lost some memories:|. So I faked a sad face and said I will get it for her. Right about that same time I saw Akosua standing in my doorway:oops:! Now I was sure I was a mad man.


Watch out for episode 6. It’s ur man Eddy💫