Just For Laughs (Courtship Verification)



  To verify if a lady loves you and is a marriageable material, while you are in bed with her, cover yourselves completely with cloth and fart out a good amount of flatulence to spoil the air and watch her reaction:

1. If she gets out of bed, then it means she cannot stay with u through hardship. ?

2. If she takes out her head from the cloth, it means during hardship she might cheat on you small small. ?

3. If she stays in the cloth but frowns, it means she will be a nagging wife. ?

4. If she stays in the cloth and hits you with a blow, it means she can beat you when there is a problem. ?

5. If she stays in the cloth and smiles, it means she is a pretender or a fool. ?

6. If she farts back, give her the promise ring. ?