Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Just For Laughs

TEACHER: Give an example of business failure due to careless management. ISAAC: A prostitute getting pregnant. TEACHER:  Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??? ?????????? #LikeCommentShare

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   Hahahaha being thick is bae I guess....????????? ??????? #LikeCommemtShare

Funny Pics

??????????   It's never a guy's fault if he gets your name wrong when you gave him a wrong name.   What do you think???? ???????? #LikeCommentShare

Just For Laughs

Conversation between 2 ladies. Lady 1: How come your husband is always home on time? Lady 2: I have made a simple rule. SEX will be at 9PM,...

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   Do you remember your mates who used to do this? ???    Well let me tell you that they are now boss chicks on...

Just For Laughs

  "If you're a lady and you don't respect men, you'll end up serving jollof at your younger sister's wedding" ©Robert Mugabe ??????????

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