I managed to control myself as I watched Akosua in the doorway, she greeted me warmly and asked if there’s anything she can help me with. I stammered😯 as if I was trying to remember her name until she said it. She was actually called Akosua😬.
I asked her how she was doing and told her I don’t need anything yet. When she left I immediately asked my sister who she was. She told me she is the house help, and that I left for the hospital 🏥the same day she came to stay with us. Everything seemed to only confuse me more:(.
I told Julia a story from one of the days in my coma. She laughed and laughed so loud that my mum heard her and came to my room. When Julia saw my mum she looked frightened😨. My mum beckoned her to leave my room. I told her it was ok but my mum seemed pretty serious about it. So Julia left and I asked my mum why she did that. She told me Julia had been grounded for some reasons. I brushed it off and then decided to sleep.
As I lay on my bed I was thinking of what I would have been doing by now in my coma. Akosua was dead, and Dora and Philip were making a good pair, and there is no doubt I will have been happily living with Monica somewhere. Life was fun there. But now, I seemed to be a stranger in the face of reality. People had to tell me what certain things meant, or even the names of my own friends:|. I hated myself😫, and the fact that I was making love difficult for Manny😥. When I looked up at the ceiling I saw a writing.
It was my handwriting and I had written Acheampong. I took my phone and gave Manny a call. Her voice was soothing, and she seemed to love me very much. I asked her who Acheampong was. She told me it was a nickname for my mother, but it was just between us. She said I used to give people nicknames. That was very true:mrgreen:. After the call I decided to go through my phone to see what new information I may find. When I checked my mail it was empty, and it wasn’t my account. Someone else had signed in with their account.
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I hated people messing with my stuff😠 and it was obvious that my stuff have been really messed up since I went into the coma. I heard a knock on my door. It had to be Akosua. I tried to look nice and walked to the door. As soon as I opened it someone poured chilled water from a bowl into my face!


Watch out for episode 7. It’s ur man Eddy💫