I felt my heart pound like thunder💓. I rushed to the door and called out her name ‘Monica Acheampong’. She didn’t seem to hear me. I walked briskly to her and held by her arm, turning her around. I looked at her and mentioned her name.
Then she looked at me in a weird way😧. I saw tears in her eyes but there was something else I couldn’t decipher.
She looked confused when I called her. By now I had created a scene already and my doctor and some nurses came to hold me😒. I told the doctor I know the lady, but the lady said she doesn’t know me and her name was not even Monica. Guys, this is the lady I loved in my coma🙊🙆🏻. I was looking right at her.
I kept saying, “No, this cant be possible!” As the nurses took me back to my room. My hand was locked in that device again as I tried explaining things to the doctor😥. He said nothing and kept shaking his head as though he was disappointed about something. He called my mum on the phone and told her I was having mental problems. That was very stupid of him:oops:, and I kept shouting that I am not. I wanted to break free from that locking device.
He told the nurse to inject me, but I told him I will be still, so I wasn’t injected😶. Then he walked out of the room leaving me with a young nurse. She seemed afraid of me as I looked at her. Then I heard her saying something like ‘may God punish those who did this to him’. She actually believed I was mad!

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Infact, everyone did! My mother came with my dad later in the evening. Tears had been running down my face😭😪 since the incident in the morning. When they saw me they seemed to be keeping their distance. I asked my mum if she really thinks I am mad. She then walked over to me and cuddled me.
Even with my family this close to me I felt I was in a far away world:(. After my parents had left and it was time for supper, the young nurse came with some injections. I asked her why, and she told me my doctor asked her to inject me😁. She said I was having some mental disorders and so I needed to take the injection.
This was crazy. I had no choice and besides if I misbehave it will only make the doctor prescribe more injections. So I leaned on my side slightly and pulled my trouser down a little. I watched as the frightened young nurse came close to inject me. Her hands were shaking and I told her jokingly that if she makes the needle break during the injection I will give her a hot injection💉 too. She chuckled and smiled.


Watch out for episode 4. It’s ur man Eddy💫