For some time now every morning Manny comes to talk with me. My mum had asked my doctor for that permission.
Manny was my girlfriend, as in my real life girlfriend:?. She talked to me about how we had met and the things we used to do together👫. I listened carefully each time, and I enjoyed the story of my real life. I kept trying to picture myself with Manny but it was hard to do:(. I couldn’t remember anything she said. And I watched as tears streamed:'( her face each time she talked about us.
She kept saying I was the best! I wish I could remember. Today we talked about church. I tried not to do much talking because my knowledge from the coma makes people think I am mad😶. I didn’t want to ask about Philip or Dora or Samuella. It wont change anything. I asked Manny who my friends in church were. She told me I don’t have much friends but I used to be chatty with one guy called Slim Kiti. I remember seeing that contact on my phone. Maybe I should talk to Slim Kiti one day. As I talked with Manny today I kept looking at her face, I was wondering how she felt right now. To be in love with someone who doesn’t even remember you. And I couldn’t fake to love her either😟. I had to be real to myself. It was about time I forgot all that had happened in the coma and move on with real life.
Besides, I was beginning to like Manny already. When she left, my friend, the young nurse came. I smiled upon seeing her. She was my true friend now:mrgreen:. I told her how I felt and why I acted the way I did. Our conversations were supposed to be confidential, and I trusted her although I didn’t really know her. She looked a little disheartened today. She told me she had good news. That was strange, looking at her face. Then I guessed I was going to be discharged soon. I was right! I was happy☺ but she wasn’t😌. I think she likes me.

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So I sat up and asked her to sit by me. She came over and sat slowly. I took her hand and kissed it passionately😚. When I looked back at her, tears were running down her face😥. I understood her.
But kissing her hand was a very stupid thing😑, because I think she had just finished tending the wounds of some other patients. I could smell it on her hands. Yuck:twisted:!!


Watch out for episode 5. It’s ur man Eddy💫