“I’m Obinim” Episode 8



Paulina, the very same girl who saw me as a counselor and nothing else. So it meant that, all along Jojo was behind all her complains. He does the dirty job and I do the cleaning up. Somehow, it seems Jojo is in my way all the time.
From Schools days till now. He has been able to marry my sister, who I happen to love and Paulina who is also my number one crush, he got her impregnated.

For a moment, I felt he has gotten away with everything, however this could actually be the opportunity for me to turn things against him.

“Is that not the same lady that came to meet me at your place the other time? Shela asked.

She remembered everything and even recognized the Paulina.

“From the way she looked at me, I thought she was your girlfriend? She continued.

Girls, Girls. They are always reading meaning into things, how did she actually look at you? From a different eye ball or what?

How at all did she looked at you? I asked myself.

Paulina on the other hand was also surprised to see me. She never knew I had a sister. After spending several hours with her, we got to know that Jojo was really responsible for the pregnancy.

Proven by the nature of conversation that existed between them and intimate pictures all shown by Paulina, Jojo had nothing else to hide. Shela was so sure that, her father will allow divorce at all cost.

We then arranged a meeting with Paulina the following day with the intention of inviting my father and Jojo together without him knowing.

Shela and I got back to my single room, that was where we tried catching up with the old times, for a moment I forget she was my sister, I just concentrated on her thick and tempting lips as she talked. It was so beautiful, I would have kissed her if I had the chance to.

What was actually happening to me, I’m still not seeing Shela as my sister, what is coming over me? The more she talked the more I kept thinking of how to deal with my feelings. Because she already saw me as a brother, she kept getting closer to me with a clear conscience.

I was the problem now, I kept shifting away but somehow she kept coming closer not even noticing that I was so uncomfortable with it.

I don’t know what came over me, it came out of nowhere without even planning it. In the middle of a conversation, all of a sudden, I couldn’t control myself any longer, I blew the horn.

“Shela, I love you” I said.

You can imagine the look on her face when I said that. That was enough to break the conversation, it stunned her that she was just quiet and speechless.
Shela stood up, looked at me and said

“I’m sure you’re joking, we just found out we are related and there you are telling me you love me” She said.

She looked furious, I couldn’t come with anything than to lie.

“Hey don’t take it wrongly, I love you just like a brother loves a sister” I lied.

Just like any other day, I always get interrupted with a knock from the door anytime I had a visitor. This knock actually came at the right time. I was saved by the bell.

I run to the door to check who it was only to find out Jojo had found a way of coming into my house.

I wondered how and who showed him the way to my place. I don’t need him here.

To be continued on 3rd May 2016.

This break is make up for the upcoming play titled “Think Like A Woman” written and directed by Elton Nana Amoah on 2nd May 2016.

Time: 6:30pm

Venue: Lick the Pot ( Tema Comm. 11)
Rate: Free.
Be There.