When I got to Wafaz’ place he was not standing on the porch. I whistled for him and he was out in no time. He was shocked I still remembered how to whistle for him🔊. I went with him into his room. It was obvious I had been here before.
I seemed to know where the kitchen was, where the bathroom was and how it looked. He asked if I had come for the bracelet. He told me it was in another room in his house and it wont take him long to find it. I told him not be in a hurry about that because I have a big favour to ask him. I asked him to tell me about myself😄. He laughed and asked me what it was I wanted to know about myself.
When I told him everything he laughed even louder😆 and told me he cant tell me everything about myself because I was a very complicated person.
So I asked him to tell me what he knows. He told me there was not much to tell because we talked about football⚽, and movies🎥 and business ideas often. Then I asked him if I ever told him about my relationship life. He said, yes! So I asked him what he remembers😋. He said, I told him about so many girls who wanted to have an affair with me, and how I will jokingly say I will marry them all if I was a Muslim😂. But there was one girl in particular that I loved. He cant really remember her name but I would talk about her every time.
She used to be a traditionalist and had converted into Christianity not long ago. My mum didn’t like the whole idea and we seemed to be having disagreements since then. And then he told me the last time I even talked about the girl was the day I asked him to make me a bracelet for her.
It had the girls name on it! He quickly rushed to go and get the bracelet. When he came the name on it was Monica Acheampong. He told me he had forgotten her full name. Then I asked if it was Serwaa Akoto, then he said yes! So I asked when exactly I asked him to do the bracelet for me.
He told me it was a day before my accident. Now I was wondering how I could break up with someone in coma. After some normal conversations I left for my house. I didn’t talk to anyone and I had locked myself in my room.
Then I heard my phone ringing. It was my nurse friend! Just then I remembered that the day my doctor handed me my hospital file I had seen the name Serwaa Akoto in there. She had admitted me to the hospital!


Watch out for episode 15. It’s ur man Eddy💫