The President’s Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 2



I opened my eyes slowly, my sight was kinda blurry at that moment. I heard a voice calling doctor, it was my mother’s. I couldn’t recognize or understand what was going on until a special voice called my name, then I got back to my senses and realized that i was in the hospital.

Mirabel: Victor? Can u hear me? Victor?

Me: Mirabel…

Mirabel: Hi, what happened to u? U got everyone worried

Me: What am i doing here?

The doctor walked in with my mum and my sis. The doctor examined me using his stethoscope.

Mum: How is he doctor?

Doctor: He will be fine madam, u don’t have to worry. He just need a little more rest and something solid to eat in order for him to regained his strength. I advise u get him his favorites

Mum: Okay doctor, thank u very much

Doctor: U are welcome madame
**The doctor walked away**

Mum: Nancy?

Nancy: Ma…

Mum: What can we get him?

Nancy: Errmmm… I dunno, maybe beans

Mum: Be serious, U know he dislikes beans

Mirabel: Ma, He needs fried rice and chicken with cool hollandia yoghurt, trust me

Mum: Sorry, U haven’t told me who u are

Mirabel: I’m his friend from school ma

Mum: His girlfriend i suppose

Mirabel: Ma?

Mum: **Smiling** don’t lie to me, are u guys dating or not?

Mirabel: We’re dating ma **with a coy smile**

Mum: So,,, he loves fried rice?

Mirabel: A lot ma especially with hollandia yoghurt

Mum: Woah,,, I didn’t know… I don’t really prepare it at home. Nancy, u will go and buy it,,, come take the. money

Mirabel: Don’t worry ma, I will go and get it for him.

Mum: Ok my dear

Nancy: I will go with u Aunty

Mum: You’re not going anywhere

Nancy: But mummy…

Mirabel: Please let her ma

Mum: She’s going to delay u with her talks that has no limit

Mirabel: Don’t worry ma, we’d be fast i promise

Mum: Hhmmm… okay oh…

Nancy: Thanks mummy **hugs mum** Aunty lets go lets go

-They left-

All this while i pretended to be sleeping, it wasn’t intentional though because i was so weak and sore. I opened my eyes minutes after Mirabel and Nancy left.

Mum: Victor?

Me: Ma…

Mum: How are u feeling now?

Me: Very weak

Mum: Its okay, Nancy and your, your friend went to get u something to eat. I heard u like fried rice and chicken with yoghurt, they’re going to buy them for u so u regain your strength. Don’t force yourself to talk if u can’t, u will take your medicines after u eat. Maybe u will be discharged today, that’s if u respond well. U better respond well so that u leave this place or do u want to remain here?

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I shake my head in a gesture that means no.

Mum: Good, so u better eat enough and take your medicines ok?

Me: Yes ma

Chai! My mother can talk eh… that’s why i’m not surprised about Nancy. She took after my mother, talk talk talk and talk,,, geez! I won’t lie, it really irritates me, i don’t like too much talk especially with repetitions. Imagine, if Nancy starts talking, mum would complain that she talks too much and vice versa.
**Door opens**

Nancy: I’m telling u Aunty, even when i go to the saloon its the same thing, I rememb…

Mum: Nancy! Nancy!! Ah!!!

Nancy: Mummy what nau

Mum; U talk too much, give yourself a break ah

Mirabel: How is he ma?

Mum: He’s fine, he just woke up. Victor oya seat up

Mirabel came to help me seat up. Seeing her gives me joy, i feel happy around her and forget my worries. Talking about worries, Ah! Mr. President oh… he saw the video of me kissing his daughter, i’m sooo gone. I forgot about it again when i saw Nancy shaking the hollandia yoghurt meant for me…my another source of joy.

Mirabel arranged a plate of the fried rice for me, i saw her smiling while putting it.

**Phone rings**

Mum: Its your father.

My Dad wasn’t around by that time, he travelled to Ekiti for business. She put it on speaker

Mum: Hello sir

Dad: Ab’ele? (How u doing?)

Mum: Olafia sir (Fine sir)

Dad: Abu ‘ola Victor de ajoi? (How is Victor doing now)

Mum: e da che chi me, e mo’lu ji me (its getting better, he has woken up already)

Dad: Ok, has any drug been administered to him?

Mum: Not yet, he’s about to eat now. He would do so afterwards

Dad: Alright, any outstanding payment to be made?

I knew it! If my Dad doesn’t mention the word ‘outstanding’ then he hasn’t concluded his speech yet.

Mum: We haven’t made any payment yet

Dad: Okay, u have money on u right?
Mum: Yes, but I don’t know if it would be enough

Dad: It should be enough na, afterall,,, how many treatment was carried on on him.

Mum: Okay sir

Dad: I still have a meeting tomorrow morning, so i dunno if i would be able to come tomorrow

Mum: Hhmmm… okay

Dad: Gwo ma chaka (greet them all)

Mum: Ma’a gbo (they will hear)

Dad: Ok bye

Mum: byee…

Nancy: Daddy byee

Dad: Ok bye, is it Nancy?

Nancy: Yes sir

Dad: Ab’ele (how are u?)

Nancy: Fine sir

Dad: Take care eh… I will be home soon

Nancy: Ok Dad, byee…

Dad: Alright

**Hangs up**

I trust my Dad but sometimes i couldn’t help but suspect if he’s doing it out there. By ‘doing it’ u should know what i mean.

☆ ☆ ☆ To Be Continued ☆ ☆ ☆


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