When I got to her I again held her by her arm, turning her around. It was as though I had done that several times. When she saw me she looked uncomfortable😬. Then she begged me to please let her go. She was not fighting to break free at all. She told me my mum was looking at us👀. So I asked her why she seems to be avoiding me. Before she could answer, my mum came over and I had to let her go.
I asked my mum who she was and all she told me is that she is having bad influence on Julia😧. That was definitely not true😒. I couldn’t believe that, and I could see that my mum was telling lies. I chased after her and stopped her by the same way and asked her her name. She didn’t want to talk. And then I said, “I heard you are a ‘too-known’ girl but would you please tell me your name?” She looked as though she wanted to cry. I told her she resembles someone I know. Then she told me she can’t tell me her name. It was as though she wanted to but something was holding her back.
I left her and watched as she walked away. I went to Slim Kiti and asked of the name of that girl. He looked at me with a strange face and asked:oops:, “So you don’t know the name of girl who broke your heart?”
She broke my heart? Really? Then he said well that’s what Manny told him, and my mum confirmed it too. Her name was Serwaa Akoto Acheampong! I kept the name in mind and left. When I went home I asked my mum why she lied to me about the lady at church. She told me I wont understand. Now that really sucked😣! it has become a norm for my mum to hide behind the advent of my memory loss and withhold information from me.
What cant I understand? What are you not telling me? My questions didn’t bring desired answers and so I walked off into my room, hoping to make sense of it all by myself. I had to start by gathering information on my life before the coma. I could ask Akosua what she had heard from my parents and siblings. I don’t know if my brother will tell me what I want to hear. Then I remembered there was someone I could count on. Oh yeah! Wafaz Kadhir is his name. He seemed to be much of a friend and he can’t be influenced by my parents in any way. So I headed for his place.


Watch out for episode 14. It’s ur man Eddy💫