I know what I am doing at the moment isn’t right but I can’t stop myself😬. They were still chatting and so I was just following the conversation.
They talked about some nasty things they had done and how they missed each other. She asked him when he will be returning from the States🇺🇸 and he said soon.
I couldn’t believe the line of the conversation and I checked the profile picture to be sure it was the Manny I know:?. She texted him telling him to come home soon. From the flow of conversation I figured the person she was chatting with actually lived with her when he was in Ghana.
She had told me she lived with just her uncle. I was a little jealous😑 and angry😒. So I just closed the whole hack session and went out of the room.
Akosua was sitting in the hall watching a movie. When she saw me she got up and asked if she can be of help to me. I smiled:mrgreen: and said no, I decided to join her at the hall. This seemed to make her very uncomfortable and it couldn’t go unnoticed. I asked her why she looks nervous😌? She said nothing. I told her to feel free and speak up.
She told me I look strict and unwelcoming. That was funny to hear😄. I couldn’t really laugh because thoughts of Manny occupied my mind at the moment. Quickly Akosua apologised for what she had said🙊. I told her I was not the least offended and that I just had something going on in my mind. She didn’t seem to believe me so I laughed and smiled😄:mrgreen:. I decided to forget about Manny and enjoy the moment with real life Akosua.
I asked her what she thinks of my brother. She told me he is very nice and a little troublesome. She told me Susan was her paddy. Then when I asked about Julia she said she cant really tell. That was strange. I asked why and she said that the very first day she came into our home and I was arguing with my mum, Julia was carrying her stuff into the room but she dropped it and walked off crying.
I didn’t understand well enough but I kept nodding as though I remember what she was saying. She told me Julia had always kept to herself crying at times and praying for me when I was in the hospital.
And also, mum has been unusually strict on Julia. That was so true! 😓:'(Awwww.


Watch out for episode 12. It’s ur man Eddy💫