Dear Pobs

Life has been so cruel to me. To start it all, my parents divorced when I was very young leaving my elder brother, younger sister and I to be the sole responsibility of our mother.

We came to Accra and started all over again. Mummy was hardworking and did her very best to provide us with everything we needed and I hoped it would last but things didn’t happen like I had hoped.

Everything suddenly changed when my mum met a man and started dating him resulting in her becoming pregnant. He never liked my elder brother nor me especially me and the feeling was mutual on my part too.

Things became very difficult in our lives so much that there were days we didn’t have anything to eat for several days. I had to wake up early, go from house to house and sweep their compounds and do some laundry so I could get some money for the whole family. Eventually, we moved to Hohoe in the Volta region where mummy delivered but things were worse.

After seven years of living in hardship, my mum became pregnant again.

When I got to JHS 2, I met this wonderful guy on facebook. He was a level 200 student in the University. He was so intelligent, cool, smart and above all handsome. I fell in love with him completely so when he told me he loved me, I believed him. We used to visit each other. I was always scared of one thing though, having sex, losing my virginity and becoming pregnant but I gave in to him anyway.

Things were still difficult for my family even after completion of Junior High School (JHS). I therefore went to Accra to work as a house help in order to get some money for school. I worked for one year but the funny thing is, when I was about to leave for school, I started feeling sick. I didn’t know what was wrong with me and thought I had Malaria but that was not the case at all. I went to my boyfriend and told him I was sick. He asked if I have had my period and that was when I realised that I didn’t have Malaria but was pregnant.

I cried all day. I asked him how come am pregnant because he told me he withdrew. He replied that he lost control and that there’s nothing we can do but face reality. I was so not ready for a baby at 16 years. Crazy, sad and confused about what to do, he told me that he wasn’t ready to be a dad and doesn’t think I am ready to be a mum yet so we should abort the baby. I was two months into the pregnancy but I agreed with him.

He brought me some abortion pills which I took. Two hours later, I felt pains in my stomach and was bleeding. I began to ask myself what I had done. After two days when I thought it was all over, I started feeling pains again and was rushed to the hospital where the doctor performed a DNC on me to remove the baby clinically. It was the most painful thing I went through yet he was still by my side.

After that episode, I began seeing babies everywhere I went but with time, I was able to forget about it. He told me he will send me to school which he did and paid my school fees as well as other things. I felt like everything was okay now.

Everything was going well when I started schooling. My life and everything around it. Our relationship was also doing well. I was a day student living in a hostel. My mummy was still having financial problems so my boyfriend did everything for me.

Surprisingly, I found out I was two weeks pregnant again. When I told him, he told me he was tired so I should do something for myself. Now my fees have to be paid and there’s the pregnancy. I don’t want to lose the guy because I can’t live a day without him.

I called my dad to help me but he told me not to call him again and hanged up on me. I can’t tell my mum because she will be so disappointed.