“I’m Obinim” Episode 10



The next thing I heard was big bang on my face, someone just gave me fist blow on my face, the crowd was on me now, beating the hell out of me. My voice got faint, all I saw was blood all over me, I couldn’t count the people there, neither did I recognized any of them.

They kept beating me, I tried to run for my life, but my legs couldn’t carry me. I felt down again, that was when I didn’t see anything again. I blacked out. The rest was history.

Meanwhile, Shela kept trying to calling my phone, but no answer from the initial stages. After several attempts the phone went off. Paulina by then have already met Shela and was waiting for me to show up. Shela needed me there more than anything else.

Somehow she felt something was wrong somewhere. Under normal circumstance she could have taken this as a normal disappointment on my path, but this time around her instincts told her something else.

Jojo had not yet arrived to meet Shela’s father. Shela however was not even bothered whether Jojo shows up or not. All she needed was for me to be there and for her to be feeling weird about my whereabouts was something that didn’t allow her to feel at ease.

Shela began shaking as if she knew what was actually happening, she was so helpless that her actions became so obvious that Paulina who was also sitting close by noticed it.

“Are you ok Shela, is something wrong? Paulina asked.

“I’m fine, don’t worry.” Shela said.
Having said that, she then stood up anxiously, went to and fro in the room. She then went to check through the windows to see if she could find me coming.

“Paulina, I know I may not be in the best position for you to confine in me, but you’re really making me uncomfortable, what is wrong with you? Why do you look so worried? Paulina who couldn’t take it any longer asked.

“You know Obinim is suppose to be here even before you arrived. I know he is a man of his words and can’t disappoint me for any reason. Honestly, I feel there is something wrong. I really have to do something.” Shela said, finally opening up to Paulina.

“Have you tried reaching him on his phone” Paulina asked.

“Yeah, initially, no answer but now his phone is totally off, that’s what even makes me feel worried” Shela said.

“Let me also try calling him and see if it will go through, you know how our mobile networks can mess up. Let me try” Paulina said.

She then picks up her phone from her handbag to call me. It was the same news, even after trying several times, they couldn’t reach me. You can imagine how Shela felt by then.

The very strange thing that happened was that, after I blacked out. I saw myself standing right beside my body. I didn’t know what had happened. I could see my motionless body lying down in the pool of blood. However people couldn’t also see me standing there, all they saw was my motionless body.

What was happening, why can’t people see me or even hear me? I tried holding my body which was lying on the floor, but I couldn’t, just like the air my hand pass through my body.

That was the moment the police came in and took my body away. I followed them eventhough they didn’t see me as well. I was literally following my body, as they rushed it to a near by hospital.
The situation there was the same, all the nurses and patients and everyone present didn’t even notice me.

They took my body to a ward where about 3 nurses attended to me. All this while I was watching from a distance, not knowing what the hell was going on.

A doctor came in, run some checks on me and then eventually covered my whole body with cloth. That was when I noticed that I was dead.

To be continued.