Kafui stepped out of the mall and looked around, he couldn’t find Afia, he saw a car zoom by and felt terror, that was Elom’s car.

He hadn’t seen him in a long time but he knew that car because Elom loved that car. He rushed and looked around then he saw her.

She lay on the floor, blood oozing from her nose and lips, he rushed to her and with the help of a guy walking around, they carried her into his car and drove off to the hospital.

Kafui sat in the waiting room frustrated. What had Elom done to her, Afia couldn’t die, it would break his heart to see something happen to her.

He was confused. He called Sedi and told her Afia wasn’t well but he didn’t mention Elom. Sedi arrived there about half an hour later but they had still not been allowed to see her.

She hugged her brother and was surprised to see how shaky he was. They watched as nurses run to and fro and when Kafui couldn’t take it anymore, he dragged one nurse when she was rushing past them.

“please sir, I need to go, the patient is battling for her life and I’m needed in there, please”. He let go of her immediately.

“but what exactly happened to her, she was fine when she left home, I served her breakfast”. Kafui looked at her sister.

“don’t worry, it has nothing to do with you, let’s hope and pray she’ll be fine”. The doctor stepped out and called Kafui to follow him.

They entered his office and sat. “Good evening doctor, please what’s wrong with her?”


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The doctor looked at him for a while.

“Seems she was poisoned, she’s in a very delicate position, she’s fighting for her life, the poison that was used is strong but we are doing our best”.

“Poison, how is that possible, I ate with her this morning and we came to the mall together, we’ve had popcorn, ice cream and so many other stuff but she can’t be poisoned in the mall?”

The doctor shrugged. We”ll keep her for closer observation, let’s hope she pulls through”.


Elom sat in the hall when his driver came back. “ you’re back, tell me what you found out”.

“Sir, your brother was there, he and I put her in his car and sent her to the hospital, I followed them and one nurse assured me they were doing all in their power to save her”.

Elom rose and paced. “you can leave now, I’ll send for you again” he dismissed his driver with the wave of a hand.

Damn the bitch, how had she gotten close to his family, close to his twin brother, had she thought he was him, how had that turned out.

He was really curious, he needed to find out what was going on. And what had happened to her, it looked like she had been poisoned or something.

There was blood everywhere but though he hadn’t wanted her to die, it had reminded him of what he had woken up to when she had attempted to kill him.

Drenched in his own blood with a terrible headache, flower vase shattered on the floor, he had called his driver who had come to rush him to the hospital and the matter had been kept on the low because he didn’t want the police to arrest Afia, he wanted to strangle her himself.

At a point he had called his brother because he wanted to tell him what had happened to him but pride and ego had prevented him. He had to see Afia, he had to see the bitch that had tried to kill him and maybe end her suffering once and for all.


Kafui wanted to stay but the doctor assured him everything was going to be fine, he told him he had top security personnel at the place protecting everyone so Afia was safe.

After a hard work of trying to convince Kafui and Sedi, they agreed to go, Kafui also needed to bath and change his blood soaked shirt.

As he passed through the exit door, Elom entered through the entrance therefore missing each other.

What does Elom really plan to do?Find out in Episode 7………….