I was still “not fit for work” as my father says😐, so I do basically nothing. So I decided to do something with my computer💻. My old laptop was gone, and I had a new laptop.
Whatever happened to it I don’t know. I searched my room vigorously today until I found an old external hard drive😋. It was hidden in a big brown envelope in an old school bag underneath a heap of old clothes in my room:oops:😆😆. I am damn sure I put it there myself.
I just hoped to find softwares on it. Not just any software but some of my hacking softwares. I wanted to be able to restore all the emails I have had and also hack into Manny’s account😁. I wanted to just show her I was good at stuff too😎. When I inserted the drive it requested a password! There are only three passwords I used in my coma and I had no choice than to try them.
My doctor had said that the things I normally did in real life are usually the same in my hallucinations. The password worked:D.
So it wasn’t that I had forgotten my phone’s pattern lock at the hospital, my mum had it changed😠. When I opened the drive I had lots of softwares. Oh my gosh:mrgreen:! I was so happy💃🏻.
I quickly started installing them, photoshop, illustrator, cubase, fruity loops and my hacking softwares which I wont tell you about. I was beginning to feel at home now. After installing Adobe PhotoshopCS6 I quickly designed a cartoon image of Manny and myself. It was cute. With internet access, softwares and her phone number I got her email address. And then I mailed her the picture. After this I wanted to do something else;). I wanted to get into her computer. So I called her and asked her to check her mail from her laptop. I just needed her to come online. When she did, I sent her ‘hi’ and she replied ‘hello’. That was all I needed. I quickly located her computer by tracking her IP address, and then I linked my breach command with the photo I had sent to her. So when she clicks ‘open’ to view the picture, she will be giving me access into her computer unknowingly. I have made the whole thing vague because I am not teaching you how to hack. But the thing is, I got access into her computer.
I logged into her facebook account. When I checked her messages, she had sent me ‘hi’ several times without my response and currently she was chatting with someone and all they were talking about was sex!sex!sex! :oops:The person’s name was Thomas!


Watch out for episode 11. It’s ur man Eddy💫