For the past few days I have sought the opportunity to speak with Julia but my mum keeps her away from me:?. I decided to ask my mum today what happened and I how I got into coma.
At first she didn’t want to talk about it. I had to remind her she promised to tell me after my discharge at the hospital. Then all she told me was that I was involved in a motor accident💥.
Where was I going?
She said she has no idea.
Who else was with me? She said I had hired the motor, and so she doesn’t know the driver.
For the first time, I could see my mum was telling lies😒. Why would she do that? Did I get someone killed? What exactly was she hiding from me:|? The best person to tell me everything would be Manny. So I called her today and asked if it will be okay to pass by her place in the evening.
She agreed:D and gave directions.
When I got there I knew I had entered the home before. It looked quite familiar. She welcomed me with a big hug and a smile. As soon as we sat I made my intentions known to her; I had come to ask her questions about what happened before I got into coma. Her mood quickly changed😌.
I begged her to tell me the truth, all of it. She looked quietly at me and sighed. I told her she is the only one I can trust now. I could see the shine in her eyes☺ when I said that. I was just playing my tricks to get what I wanted;). She told me I had a motor accident. Well I knew that already! I asked her what else don’t I know.
And then she told me I had a quarrel with my mum before I left the house. She doesn’t know what it was about but I said some very harsh things to my mum and she doesn’t want anyone to talk about it again.
I asked her who Monica Acheampong was. She told me she knows Acheampong was a nickname I had given to my mum and Monica was the name of my sister’s doll. So maybe I had a way of teasing my mum with my sister too.
That made real sense now:mrgreen:, no wonder my mum didn’t want Julia near me. She feared julia would remind me of the harsh words I had said to her or something😄. I decided to rest the whole Monica Acheampong case. I smiled at Manny:).
I apologized for making her tell me this. She was okay with it. She came over to my seat and lied down with her head on my laps😁. I can’t go home now, I guess!


Watch out for episode 10.  It’s ur man Eddy💫