The next time I spoke with Manny she told me her uncle would be returning from the States soon😷. I wanted to keep what I knew to myself. I asked her what his name was and she told me his name was Thomas. Huh:oops:! The guy she was chatting with? I controlled myself and said I would like to meet him. She told me it wasn’t a very good idea because he was not very nice to strangers. I smiled and said I must surely meet him one day.
Then she told me she is thinking of getting her own apartment🏡 so that she can be free from him. I asked her if it is possible to run away from family.
Our conversation wasn’t as usual because I knew she had something going on with someone else and I only had to wait for things to unfold. But I couldn’t understand certain things. Manny cried about the memories she shared with me, and they seemed to be very sincere. So why on earth would she be seeing someone else😟, it didn’t make sense at all.
Today was another Sunday, and I was getting ready for church. This would be my third Sunday after the whole coma thing. As I walked out of our house toward the junction I noticed someone looking at me from the storey of a house near ours. It was a guy of about my age and this was not the first time he was looking at me, so I decided to wave at him today👋🏽. Then he said ‘ei duba nka'(Look at you). I stood and smiled and signaled him to come out so we can talk.
His name was Wafaz Kadhir👳🏾, and he was my friend in the area. I told him blankly that I had lost some memories and apologized for passing by each time without saying hi.
He looked sad and said its okay. He told me he had to pay for the bracelet I asked him to do for me since I never returned. We both laughed and I told him I will pay him. He said it was cool and that I can come for it after church. He seemed much like a friend than Slim Kiti. Today after church something unusual happened. I saw Monica or the ‘too-known’ girl speaking with Julia. She seemed to be really nice to her and I could see Julia smiling☺. She really liked her. I was watching them from a distance and then suddenly she stopped talking to Julia. I saw that she had seen my mum looking at them. Then I walked up to her!


Watch out for episode 13. It’s ur man Eddy💫