Elom looked around to make sure Kafui and Sedi had left before walking into the hospital.

Lucky for him, Afia’s doctor was the first person he met.

“I thought you had left as we agreed, and ….how did you change  your clothes so fast?”

Elom looked at the old man silently, he hated curious little men but he didn’t want to arouse any suspicion.

“i….i uh…I had a change of clothes in my car, I didn’t want to leave her”

The doctor looked at him and smiled. “you are a very good man though you need your rest as well, you are also lucky since she just woke up”.

Elom nodded and smiled. “isn’t that really good news, is it possible for me to see her?”

The oblivious doctor smiled and led Elom to Afia’s door and left him.

Elom made sure the doctor had left before he knocked and entered.

Afia lay there like she was half dead, she looked so weak and frail.

She saw Elom and by the way her eyes widened, it was obvious she recognized him, she couldn’t speak or yell or even throw her hands for she felt very weak.

Elom looked at her and chuckled.

“Hey beautiful, you look……frail, but it’s not a new condition for me because I was in it once………….. when you tried to kill me”.

Afia looked at him as tears flowed down her cheeks, the tears were not out of pain or fear.

She was just remembering what they were together, how great it had been at the beginning, and how it had turned sour.

“please” she said in a very weak voice. Elom looked at her for a while and sneered.

“Please, what do you mean please, Afia, you ruined my life, I loved you, trust me I did”.

He moved closer to her and started touching her.



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She tried to move but she couldn’t feel much of her movement though she could feel his disgusting hands on her cheek.

She shifted when he slipped his hand into her bra. “don’t……..don’t touch me” she said forcefully.

“ooooh, I shouldn’t touch you, can you tell me why, is it because you are sleeping with Kafui?”Afia shook her head.

“Uh huh, now let me ask you something, how do you know my brother and sister?”

“n….none of your business” she managed to say causing him to laugh.

“you know this is a very bad time to play such games with me right?” Elom looked at her carefully.

Despite the fact that he would never admit it, he loved her, much more than any woman he had loved.

He just stared at her and realized even if he wanted to hurt her, he couldn’t.

“what do you want?” Afia asked him.

“What happened to you, why were you bleeding, what caused you to be here in this hospital?”

She looked at him, somehow she knew he wasn’t going to harm her, she could feel it, she could see it from the way he looked at her.

She swallowed and tried to sit a bit better. “ I don’t know, i…I just started bleeding and passed out, I thought you … did something to me”.

Elom laughed again. “really, I didn’t even touch you, but you know I can’t forgive you for what you did right?”

She looked at him as she started to dose, she probably had some drugs in her still making her woozy.


Kafui was at home preparing to go back to the hospital, he was scared, actually he was terrified, he was getting too close for comfort.

He was beginning to feel things he didn’t want to feel for Afia, that girl had wormed her way into his heart and he didn’t know what to do.

He was going to go back home once Afia was discharged, he needed to stay as far as possible from her, it was good for both of them.

He didn’t want to be constant reminder of who his brother was to her and she didn’t deserve that either.

He slipped into his jeans trousers, wore a shirt, sprayed some perfume on himself and wore his shoes.

He started humming and whistling to a favorite song of his, he walked towards the main door and when he opened the door, there were three uniformed policemen at the door.

“Are you Mr. Kafui Coffie?”. He looked at them curiously before answering.

“Yes I am, how may I help you?”

“you are under arrest for the murder of Afia Danso”.

Kafui looked in them with confusion etched on his face.

“what do you mean the murder of Afia, I sent her to the hospital and she was fine”.

“well, Afia died about an hour ago by suffocation……with a pillow, come with us, whatever you say will be used against you in the court of law”.

Big trouble, what is going to happen now, find out in Episode 8…………