“I’m Obinim”Episode 11



A doctor came in, run some checks on me and then eventually covered my whole body with cloth. That was when I noticed that I was dead.

Yeah, I was dead. That explains why people couldn’t notice me, because I now existed  in the spirit world where the dead  can’t speak to the living but only to those who really matter to them. It was too late. I saw my lifeless body on the hospital bed and tears came down my eyes.

I died for no reason, I shouldn’t have followed Pozo in the first place, I would have been alive by now. But what bothered me was why my spirit existed in the living world. If no one can hear or see me, why then do I even remain here?

I couldn’t even say goodbye to my Shela, the one I love very much, my step sister. I couldn’t stand up for her as her brother  should have. When that moment came, I went away with Pozo and now, I can’t be counted among the living.  She can’t continue to be handled in the way and manner Jojo is treating her.

If only I knew that was my last moment on earth, I could have made things right. And now that she is at home expecting me to show up, there I am, dead and here is my spirit telling you the life I lived on earth before I met death.

I decided to see her one more time, to see her beautiful face and even if she can’t hear or see me, at least I can say goodbye. Within a blink of an eye, I was already at their compound house. Amazing, all I had to do was to just think of seeing her, then within a finger snap, I’m already there.

I got to their compound and headed straight to their living door, that was when I saw her seated on one of the sofa with her face buried in her arms full of disappointment.

Surprisingly, as she raised her head up, she saw me.

“Obi, really, how can you do this to me, at least call me and tell me that you will be running late” Shela said.
I couldn’t believe it. Shela could actually see me. I kept watching myself if there has been any changes but everything was as normal as it should be.

“Can you really see me? I asked.
Shela looked surprised with the questioned I asked her. She felt I was mocking her. Not only could she see me, she could actually hear me as well.

“Obi, what kind of question is that, are you mocking me or what and guess what, Paulina just left here. You have done so well for showing up at this time. How could you Obi?” Shela said.

“Erm Shela, I ….i… I can explain” I said without having any idea of what to say.
She got angry and tried to walk out on me. I couldn’t bare to see her sad that way. I tried stopping her by holding her hands back. She looked at me strangely as she noticed something different about me.

“Obi, are you sick or something, why is your palm so cold and your voice, its as if you talking from your nose, Do you have a cold? She asked.

I had no option than to play along, how on earth will tell her that I’m dead or something.  This is totally crazy. I had no option. I just didn’t know what to do.
The next thing I head was Jojos voice from behind me.

“Shela, who are you talking to all this while? Jojo asked.

Even as I stood there, Shela could see me but Jojo couldn’t. This is the beginning of my life after death mission on earth where I would  be faced with realities and superstitions.

End of Season ONE.
To be continued on 9th May 2016,.