My first encounter on earth were the hands of the mid wife
Even as a baby I knew that was not the right place to be: s o I cried…
Then I thought, how am I going to face life
Then through my little eyes I saw her open her arms so wide.

Even though in pain, at me she smiled
I stopped crying,oh my,I was wowed
Then I felt a strong connection
I was confused, and there was no interpretation


I saw her later again
I sucked her breast even in the rain
She looked at me with such deep love in her eyes
And unconsciously swore to me her allegiance until she dies.

A pillar of hope
My royal anchor
She’s all I need to cope
My life’s very core

She tells me I’m the best
yet prepares me for the worst.
a figure I can Trust
With all the horrors of my past

Her name is Alice
And soon I’ll build her a palace
To demonstrate my love
Which in my heart I continuously carve.

Happy mothers day mum and to all mothers and potential mothers around the globe…I love you all.