Mike begged me to call Samuella’s mum and tell her what was going on😨. I was in no position to say no, so without hesitation I called Samuella’s mum and told her just what I had heard. Mike had rushed Samuella to a clinic 🏥and so I gave Samuella’s mum the direction to the place as I received from Mike.
I didn’t want to get involved so I decided to stay home and not go to the hospital, besides my entire role was over. But I must say I felt uneasy a while😬. But soon it was all gone and I was okay.
I went over to Akosua’s place to chat but she had gone over to her friend’s place again:|. Of late Akosua has become very scarce. There is nothing wrong between us but she spends most of her time with her friends👭. She sends me goodnight messages every night and tells me how she loves me😍. Whenever I call her she is occupied with one thing or the other and when she calls she has a whole novel to tell me about😐. I think you get what I am talking about. And it sucks😣!
When I returned Julia told me Monica came over during my absence but this time she didn’t enter my room so she wants me to bring her her pendrive when I return. I didn’t delay at all;). I just picked the drive and left.
We shared a wall with them so it was really not any long distance at all. When I knocked on the gate she came to open. After I handed over her drive she insisted I go and greet her mum😷. Well that sounded appropriate. When I did, her mum insisted I stay for dinner. I had no excuse, truth is my parents don’t mind if I sleep there.
So Monica took me straight to her room. It was nice. And she had a better laptop. Her room was well furnished, unlike mine😄. After letting me look around for a while she told me I am looking very handsome. Shee!! I was supposed to tell her she looks beautiful but I had wanted to skip that part of the conversation.
So I told her she looks so beautiful that I find it difficult to admit😋. Then she walked up to my face and asked me to tell her how beautiful she was. Eeeii see pressure😓!


Watch out for episode 6. Its ur boy Eddy💫