When we were young we were taught that if you fight you will go to hell🔥. I believed this wholeheartedly because I knew fighting was not right. But then one day just after church we were all eating bread when one boy jokingly stroke my hand😒 and my bread fell in mud. I was filled with forgiveness but when I saw him laughing😛 I told myself “hell here I come!🔥”I don’t want to remember what happened next.
Monica was soo close to me that I couldn’t talk. I knew what was going to happen next😚 and kept telling myself “if this will take me to hell then I will be hell’s class prefect😁”!Shes too fresh.
When I closed my eyes and waited for the mountain to come to Mohammed, I heard the mountain laughing. Monica was actually laughing at me. Then she said “I know you still fear girls”, “you are a very unique gentleman:)”. I smiled though I was a little disappointed😌. Then she asked if she could hug me. I said ofcourse😍.
Then when she hugged me she whispered something into my ear💓. Then I knew my life was in doom.
I couldn’t say a word and then we did what I was expecting earlier. Don’t let me give the details but it was fantastic;) although I was struggling to breathe. There was confusion in the whole activity and she kept laughing at me😄. Then I laughed at myself too.
I was standing stiff with my hands by my side like an idiot, while she rested her arms on my shoulders. She asked me to hold her by the waist, and I obeyed without question….lyk de 10 commandments. Just then her mum opened the door only to find us in this position😱! I almost pushed her away but her mum smiled and said food was ready. Eeeeii:oops:. No beatings for me😨? No insults? U jx slap me k3k3 mpo??
I walked shamefully with my hand on her waist to the dining room. Apparently, I wasn’t the only guest. There were both of my sisters and Diana, Akosua’s sister!🙊🙆


Watch out for episode 7. Its ur boy Eddy💫


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