The laptop I was using now was complicated and sophisticated. I had put parts together to make it work better and I was the only person who could use it well. I didn’t want anyone tempering with it in my absence. But when I saw the person who had tempered with it I had to force a smile. It was Monica Acheampong, the daughter of the man sitting outside:?. We used to play when we were kids and she still thinks I am that boy I used to be. I had no experience with ladies at the time we were friends so I was deaf and dumb to whatever she communicated or signaled then..hmm!. Besides I always thought she talks too much.
She was sitting in my room with my little sister beside her. I didn’t like it at all but once again I had to smile:mrgreen:. Its like that awkward moment when after taking some hot lashes a nice girl asks if it hurts and you smile and shake your head to say no:), knowing very well if you open your mouth you will end up crying😫.
She immediately apologized for coming into my room without my permission. I said that was not a problem at all;). Then when she got up I didn’t know if we were to shake hands or hug😁. I decided to shake hands even though it seemed she wanted a hug.
She was looking very very very beautiful😋😷. She told me she will return later to talk if only I am cool with it. “Ofcourse” I said. I tried to keep my thoughts right and not to entertain any thought that may put me in trouble.
But like I always say, I don’t trust myself!😐
When I checked my laptop it was ok. She was showing Julia some pictures from where she lived in Madrid and had left her pendrive in my laptop. As I looked through the pictures I heard my phone ring. I knew it was Akosua, but when I checked it was Mike! Ah😠! When I answered he sounded afraid😨, and told me that Samuella had poisoned herself. What:oops:?? Like seriously?? Even though I didn’t like her I felt someway.


Watch out for episode 5. Its ur boy Eddy💫