I will tell you about Rosette soon. So relax:). Now let me tell you what has changed at home since Samuella was thrown out.
My sisters have come to accept the relationship I have with Akosua. And it’s quite obvious my parents are aware too😎, though they have turned a blind eye to it. My brother is planning on being a Roman Father sooner or later hehehe, and I can’t wait to use his room. He had his heart broken💔 by Samuella and so he thinks all ladies are bad. Who cares:roll:? I’m over that koraa. Julia doesn’t blackmail me anymore and home is sweet like it was some years ago.
But today when I returned from work I came to meet someone at home and instantly I knew home was going to get bitter:twisted:. Sitting on our porch was a man I don’t like much but forced to smile at each time we meet. He is our neighbor, and had travelled with his entire family to Madrid, Spain. They have been gone for a couple of years and have now returned. He has this daughter he keeps proposing indirectly that I have a relationship with😒. They had all left and I was glad I wasn’t going to see them again.
When I approached him I greeted him with a warm smile on my face. He looked at me from head to foot, held me by my shoulders and started talking about how fast I have grown and how handsome I have become😎. I was looking as he played with my cheeks like the 15-year old boy he knew. He was a family friend. And he never liked staying in his house. He would come to our house in the morning and leave at night. His name is Mr Acheampong.
I must admit to the fact that I was happy that he saw me dressed like this. I was in a nice mauve shirt with a black tie and black trousers. After the long boring salutations I went inside to think of what Samuella had said.
My door was already opened:oops:😒, and I could hear voices coming from inside my room. When I entered someone had tempered with my laptop(mangobunu) accessories! But I was forced to smile:mrgreen:



Watch out for episode 4. Its ur boy Eddy💫