So like I was saying, spiritual forces were at work as usual. Thank God for Philip!☝ Yesterday he was leaving for Bible School and so gave me his laptop to use. It was better than what I was using. Now let us talk about today.
When I got up in the morning I had missed 4 calls. I was expecting to see a lady’s call but guess what? It was Mike!:oops: What😟?? This guy stole my clothings, and eventually made me lose my job. I was not ready to call him back. But later in the day I was a little curious so I gave him a flash. When he called me he talked as though we were still in good terms, hehe..funny! When I asked why he called, he told me he has to meet me. Now I was even more curious. ‘What for?’ I asked. Then he said its about Samuella. Arh😦!! That girl again? I told him I am not a teeny weenie bit interested. He told me she wanted to apologise to me. Wateva😒! When I asked how he even got to know her he told me it’s complicated. And he said Samuella has been living with him since we threw her out:oops:! Well her mum wanted her back but not her dad. And her dad is one hot tempered goat – pardon my language.
She had threatened to kill herself if I don’t hear her out😄. She said despite all the many lies she had told, whatever she felt for me was real and not fake. She said I was the one she truly loved and would do everything I say if I love her back💑 awwww apuu!!😒. But for now she wanted me to listen to her explain everything she had done. Honestly I didn’t want to, as Mike was talking to me she took the phone from him and calleld out my name. I could feel the sorrow in her voice and I had compassion😐. I didn’t like the way I was feeling, and I stood on the phone speechless as she begged me to come over and hear her out.
Before I could say anything Rosette tapped me on my back and said as usual “this is the time to make love to me”. Then I dropped the phone and followed her.


Watch out for episode 3. Its ur boy Eddy💫