Colour Of Love Episode 6



The text was written, Golden Lodge Hotel 25 Tay Berry Street East Legon. Saturday 5pm. 

The next morning which was Friday, Ryan called her early in the morning to greet her.

Ryan ; Hello miss Adriana, how are you today? hope you are doing well? 

Adriana ; Am doing great Mr Ryan. And hope you are fine as well?

Ryan: I am preparing for work and decided to call to say hello.

Adriana : thank you very much for caring about me. Have a nice day sir.

Ryan laughed and said thank you and same to you madam. 

During lunch time later that day Adriana was in her house thinking of Ryan so she called at his office to check on him. She called and had a slight conversation with him. As soon as they finished, Ryan said to himself, am in love with her, not knowing he didn’t end the call so Adriana heard it and she ended the call.

She became so happy that she couldn’t control her joy. 
After Ryan closed from work, he called his brother to his room to tell him about their date.

Ryan ; Roland I have a date with Adriana tomorrow. Roland was like, wow bro you have made it now. They all laughed and made fun of themselves. 

Ryan asked Roland how he got to know her and how he got her number. Roland said is Kelvin who showed her to me at the programme. And she was exactly how you described to me. So I made that quick move for my big brother. Hahahahahahahaha. Roland left his brothers room with smiles. 

On saturday morning, everything was normal as usual. R2 normally goes to play tennis in the morning. So Roland  invited Adriana to come and play with them. Ryan didn’t know anything about that. He was surprise to see Adriana at the tennis court.

He asked her if she likes the game but she said, not really. But I want to learn since you are a player.

Ryan: hmmmm okay I hear. So let’s get started. 

To be continued


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