Lo Imperdonable (Unforgivable) Episode 84



  The nurse tries to prevent Martin from entering into Daniel’s office but he barges in anyway. Virginia wishes Matilde died so her all her problem ends. Martin insists Daniel tells him what he is going on between him and Virginia. Daniel tells him he is her doctor and nothing more. He hopes Martin doesn’t believe Veronica’s lies. Martin assures him he is rather the one lying. He warns Daniel that if he ever finds out that he and Virginia are lovers. He will destroy his professional career and walks out.

  Raymunda tries to convince her father to forgive Ana Perla. Veronica is anxious; they have not heard anything from the doctor since they arrived. The doctor finally comes out and informs them that Matilde in a very delicate situation. Jorge asks Virginia to follow him to the cafeteria he wants to talk to her. Pablo plays the private investigator, he spies on Ana Perla. His face turns red when he sees Julio holding her closely in order to prevent her from falling.

  Jorge reproaches Virginia for her behavior towards Veronica. Virginia plays victim and Salma defend her. Daniel hides and listens to them. Matilde get worse, her heart is about to give up. The doctor tries to revive her but nothing. The nurse informs Veronica that Matilde had a cardiac arrest. Magdalena and Veronica goes to the hospital chapel to pray for Matilde.

  Pablo witness another moment between Julio and Ana Perla. Mariana informs Daniel that she already sent a letter to Veronica to tell the truth. Ana Perla tells Julio to stop insisting that he loves her, she only sees him as a friend. Julio tries to touch her but Pablo shows up in time to prevent him. The doctor tries their best, but Matilde heart doesn’t make it. Just at the moment Matilde died, Veronica felt a sharp pain in her heart. Veronica instantly feels it is a sign from La Virgincita and prays to her that she doesn’t take Matilde away from her. The doctor gives up and decides to inform them about Matilde’s death. Just as when they turn they hear Matilde heart beat and quickly attend to her.

  Julio and Pablo argue about who deserve Ana Perla. Julio reminds him he has his chance and screwed up. Pablo decides to kiss Ana Perla just to prove his point and she also kisses him. Daniel joins Virginia and informs him about his conversation with Mariana. Ana Perla tells Pablo she is considering Julio’s proposal.

  Salma tries to convince Jorge not to treat Virginia badly. She threatens to divorce him and leave the house with Virginia. The doctor informs them that Matilde is stable though they can’t explain how it happened. Veronica receives Mariana’s package in the hospital right in front of everyone.
Veronica reads it and quickly slaps Virginia. She pushes her on the floor and tries to beat her up but Emiliano and Martin takes her away. Virginia plays the victim and accuses Veronica of going mad. Veronica asks her to keep quiet. Emiliano wants to know why Veronica is behaving this way. Veronica says nothing but hands over the letter to him. Emiliano reads it and grabs her with one hand and curses her. Martin also wants to know so Emiliano hands over the letter to him. Virginia doesn’t give up so Veronica decides to give her the details of the letter. She was Demetrio’s lover, and now Daniel’s lover and what more she doesn’t have any heart disease. Daniel hides and listens while Virginia cries in shame.

  Pablo overhears Ana Perla in the church and confronts her about it.
Virginia doesn’t give up; Daniel joins them and denies everything. Veronica suggests another doctor examine Virginia’s heart but Daniel refuses. Ana Perla refuses to talk to Pablo and leaves the church, Pablo goes running after her. Blanquita warns her mother that if she keeps putting her father decision first. She may end up having problem in her marriage. Meanwhile back in Mina Esocndida Gaby and Joaquin spend more time together.

  Salma and Jorge join them and Virginia plays the victim. Salma quickly console her, Veronica is even amused at Virginia’s performance. Magdalena is right there to defend her daughter from Salma, and both of them give each other some dirty look. Manuel convinces to his grandfather to stay in the city for a little longer. Martin returns to Daniel’s office and reminds him of their conversation. Martin punches him several times before leaving his office. Magdalena VS Salma, Jorge has to step him to calm them down. The doctor joins them and agrees with Jorge. Veronica is allowed to see Matilde, Emiliano hands over the letter to Jorge. After reading it Jorge asks Virginia to leave his house.

  Pablo insists Ana Perla speaks clearly but she refuses and asks him to stay away from her. Claudia sleeps and recalls her romantic moment with Martin. Pierre enters the room with a rose and hears her mentioning Martin’s name. What more she confesses her love to Martin in her sleep. The hospital director enters Daniel office and informs him he is fired. Daniel asks him why, the doctor tells him for tarnishing the hospital’s image. Daniel asks him not to believe Veronica. The doctor informs him that several nurse saw him flirting with Virginia. Virginia begs Jorge not to throw her out of his house. Emiliano agrees with him father and want her out of the house.

  Virginia cries and agrees to leave but Salma defend her. Jorge tells her he has already made up his mind. He doesn’t why she keeps defending Virginia like her own daughter. Salma loses it and yells at him that Virginia is her daughter.

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