Colour Of Love Episode 5



Episode 5  

He dropped her number and Ryan said let me finish with my bath and call her.  

After he finished with his bath, he went for supper with the family. When he was done eating, he went straight to his room to make the call. He was afraid calling at the first time. But he got the zeal and confidence and then called her.

Back at Adriana’s house. Her phone was ringing. When she looked at it, her heart jumped into her stomach. She didn’t know what to do. She was shivering as if she had fever.

Ryan called for several times but she didn’t picked any of the calls. He then stopped calling. 

Adriana was thinking what to do next. She decided to call back. So she called and Ryan answered the call very fast. 

Ryan: hello

Adriana: hello. Please am i speaking with Ryan?

Ryan: yes and may I know the person speaking please? Because this number called me today at the office.

Adriana: Errrmmm am your secret admirer.

Ryan: oh is that so? Thank you so much

Adriana: you are welcome.

Ryan pretended as if he doesn’t know the person. Their conversation was getting interested.

Ryan : you have a nice voice and I think you are beautiful as your voice.

Adriana: is that so? Because when it comes to voice I will say you are the best. They all laughed. Ryan pretended again to ask her name  

Ryan: since we are friends now may I know your name please?

Adriana: hahahaahaha  

Ryan: why are you laughing?

Adriana: nothing dear. Am Adriana Mr Willington’s daughter.

Ryan: OMG. Am short of words. Am I really talking  with Adriana?

Adriana : yes and am i also really talking to Ryan? It seems these two were getting well

Adriana told Ryan that she will be going back to UK the following Monday. Ryan said ok. Then can we meet over the weekend to have more talks? He asked

She replied loudly “oh yes. Find a place and let me know the time”

Ryan : ok I will text you with the venue and the time.  He hanged up immediately and said yes.

In due time Adriana received a text from Ryan. It was a quite place where classic people meet. She didn’t know the place since she was not use to Ghana. But that wasn’t a problem for her because she would definitely get the directions to that place. 

To be continued