I am sure you know what people mean when they say you are crying wolf. I have been joking so much with Monica that I know for sure all the text messages I have sent to her will not be given the seriousness it requires😣:(. I had to talk to her😶.
So when I woke up this morning I decided to talk to Akosua first😒. I guessed she would talk rubbish so I decided on talking to her mum. So I called her mum’s number to please talk to her daughter about what she plans on doing.
When I called she was weeping 😰😪over the phone. That was unusual😟.
She would normally call me ‘me ba'(my son) but she called me Osofo (Pastor). Hmmm….i could smell a rat😐. She told me Akosua had tried an abortion at her friend’s place and had bled to death😱. What:oops:??? Her friend claims Akosua asked her to get her the items but she was not sure what she was going to use them for…..Eiii I had no idea she was even pregnant.
She was only some few weeks pregnant and as it were, it wasn’t her first abortion😧.
I was thinking her mum would blame me for the pregnancy but she already knew that Akosua was a prostitute…n she neva told me?😣The news of her death left me with tears streaming down my face😭. Though I was angry with Akosua I loved her.
A part of me was sad:|, whiles the other part saw a way forward with Monica my new love😍. After the call I was dumbfounded.
Not long did my phone start ringing. It was Monica. I told her what I had just heard but it seemed the line wasn’t very clear. I could hear her saying ‘hello’, ‘hello’.
Then I felt this chill over me. My eyes were closed so I forced them open, only to see a man dressed like a doctor, my mum, and a lady who seemed familiar. When I looked around I realised I was in a hospital🏥. I saw my mum and the lady smiling when I opened my eyes. Then I asked my mum, “Where is Monica?”, “Monica Acheampong😦”. She looked at me in a strange way and then looked at the doctor.
Then I heard the doctor telling them “It is possible he had had many hallucinations during his coma, and may even suffer temporal memory loss”. What the hell was going on:oops::oops:??


Watch out for Season 4, this is just the beginning. Its ur man Eddy💫


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