“I’m Obinim” Episode 4


I kept asking myself how come she wasn’t wearing a ring. For a moment, I wished I was actually put behind bars than to hear that Shela was married. Or better still, they can just drop me off my junction to let me be.

I started looking for other options. Maybe Paulina will be good, from the look of things her relationship isn’t really going on well. I will just be the good guy to console her and eventually I may be able to use her weakness against her.

But as for Shela, I guess me going out with her is just a dream that will not come true. For her to be married, its means she is under that “Padlock” whether she is wearing ring or not. That “Padlock” is a no go area for me.
I could have been rich by now with my own cars and even own a house just this one time, I met this “Sugar Mummy”. Money was like nothing to her, she was into oil business and trust me, she offered to pay and cater for all my needs if only I make her happy in bed. “Chaley” who wouldn’t like this offer, even though shes old enough to be my mother, she looked really pretty too. One thing I didn’t like about her was the deep red lipstick she keeps wearing all the time.

If you are not careful, you will think it’s a new version of traffic light being carried by human beings. Not only that, her lips was very thick that even if you are are kilometer away from her you could see the red lipstick shinning beyond you. Sometimes I wonder if she really looks in the mirror, that wasn’t much of a problem, I was ready to play along and make the money until she mentioned that she is married and her husband is in the states. Married people is a no go area for me. I will prefer hustling round with prostitutes than being with a married woman. I quickly had to back out.

I can settle down for a widow but for married woman “lie-lie”. At least it will be better being hunted by her dead husbands ghost and still enjoying money than being with a married woman who may just end your future in a twinkle of an eye.

Finally, we arrived at Shela’s Father’s apartment. Upon seeing the house, I could feel that my BP just raised. The house looked like the presidential palace to me. I kept it cool because I didn’t want them to see how amazed I was in seeing the house. But this my mouth couldn’t just shut as I shouted “Eeeish” as soon as the main entrance gate automatically opened when Shela’s Father just pressed a remote button. Even the doors are controlled by remotes I wonder what is in stock for me when I enter the house.

Once we arrived at the house, we all got down and out of nowhere this big fat bull dog came out jumping and hoping about all around Shela’s Father. I can’t defiantly remain gentle with that. Its bulldog we are talking about here, I quickly run back into the car and quickly shut the door.

At least that gave them something to laugh about. They all laughed at me and took the bulldog away before I could come out of the car.
I was immediately invited in, there Shela served me with an orange juice. She sat by me, and OH MY GOD, I could smell her sweet scented perfume. That moment, I wanted to kiss her but she took this family album they kept and started going through the pictures with me.

Soon Shela’s father joined us as we sat at the living room. Apparently, He wanted to use this opportunity to work out the relationship issues with Shela and her husband Jojo who was already on his way here. As much as Shela wasn’t cool with the idea, you could tell that she was playing along out of the respect she had for her father.

While going through the album, I came along this picture that brought memories of my mother’s brother who took care of me until I moved out. For the past few days he had been asking me to come and visit him. I somehow kept giving excuses even though I honestly wanted to see him as well.
I didn’t want to go there empty handed; I wanted to buy some food stuff and provisions so he knows how much I care about him. But I had no money. I keep telling myself to be strong and focus for everything will be alright.
I got distracted when this “Hot –chick” they have employed to be a maid came in to inform Shela’s father that Lunch was ready. Lunch was ready? How on earth will you be hungry when this beautiful goddess works for you? I just can’t describe her. She was simply beautiful.

Shela even noticed how I starred at her and laughed about it. I was also invited to join them for lunch. Which I didn’t hesitate at all considering how famished I was.

Before we could even share the grace, there came in Jojo. I was surprised when I saw him. I immediately recognized him from school. Myself, Shela and him were in the same school. You see, there are people you naturally hate as soon as you meet them. I hated Jojo to the maximum. He doubled as the Class prefect and Section leader back in school. Because we didn’t really get along very well, my name appeared in the “names of talkative” all the time. As if that wasn’t enough, he always attached “DP”(double punishment) just to make my punishment worse.

He always got away with everything and because he was my section leader too, he made me do the very hard work before he would sign me in for working.
And now, he has finally succeeded in marrying Shela too. With this one, it will be an exception. I won’t back out. Shela still remain my target whether she is married to him or not. I won’t back out, never. Jojo should prepare for me. The battle has just began. He should prepare for my side of “Double Punishment”.

To be continued on 25th April 2016