It had been a month since Afia started going out with Elom.

They were at a lunch date at the beach they had met at, Elom had met her at the bar with flowers and a teddy bear.

She found it so cute, the last month had been amazing, Elom had showered her with one gift after another, before she knew it, she had fallen in love with him.

She felt that he too had fallen in love with her.

He had taken her around town , from one restaurant to the other, club to the other, seaside, he even went to church with her and she saw his behavior in church, he prayed in tongues and was very spiritual, it was a dream come true, God had answered her prayer to give her a man who loved the Lord and adored her.

They sat and Elom looked at her for a while causing her to blush and get nervous. “Why are you looking at me like that, you are making me nervous”. They both laughed .

“Sorry baby, it’s just…..i’ve been thinking about something, this past few weeks have been the most amazing in my life, I want you to be my girlfriend because I don’t want to lose you”

Afia looked at him and said a small prayer in her mind, God had answered her prayer. “of course I’ll be your girlfriend, this past few weeks have been amazing for me too”.

He smiled that captivating smile at her and hugged her. He stood with the excuse of going to the bathroom.

Afia felt like honey was flowing through her body. She was fidgety because she was very happy, she picked up her phone to send Korkor a message about the recent development but she had a message from Korkor, Elvin had asked her to be his girlfriend too.

They chatted for a few minutes but Afia put the phone down when Elom returned.

The following day both girls returned to school, they returned happier, Korkor’s man was also well to do, both guys picked them up from home and dropped them on campus.

Their friends were very surprised that those two girls had landed some hot dudes.

They had agreed to come to the campus the following week.


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The girls waited anxiously for their men, they had enjoyed each other’s company so much that they couldn’t wait to see each other.

When the boys arrived, the girls jumped up and down in joy, they quickly dressed up and stepped out.

When they reached the car, Elvin grabbed Korkor and kissed her passionately causing her to giggle.

“Elvin….we are on campus, everyone is staring at us”.

Elvin chuckled. “what, they have a problem with me kissing my girl, I’m not going to stop on their account, I’m just going to make them green with envy” He laughed and kissed her again.

Afia walked towards Elom. “what’s wrong Elom?” she asked when she saw the disgusting look he gave her.

“What do you think you are wearing?” He asked her.

She looked down at her dress and at  Korkor who looked equally confused. Both of them wore short dresses, Afia’s dress was even longer than Korkors’.

“What’s wrong with my dress honey?” she asked him. She thought he was joking.

“I don’t like it, can’t you see it’s too short, are these the kind of clothes you wear on campus, in the midst of these ……boys, you better go and change it, else you are going nowhere with me” He said in a raised voice and sat in the car.

Korkor excused herself and followed Afia who was on her way to the room.

When Afia turned to look at her in the room she was smiling.

“what the hell just happened Afia, and why are you grinning?” Korkor asked her.

“can’t you see the guy is crazy about me, he cant stand the thought of other guys seeing my body, how cute”.

Korkor’s mouth dropped. “oh dear, when it comes to decoding guys, you are halfway into the sea, that is not cute, there is nothing cute about it, that’s possessiveness, plus he was rude”.

Afia chuckled. “what do you mean he was rude, he was just being a man, but hey, whats the big deal, I wore a dress my boyfriend didn’t like, all I have to do is change it, I’ll just change then we meet ok”.

Korkor looked at her friend. She could smell the trouble already, Elom was trouble, Afia was too smitten to see it, she wondered what she could do to help.

Afia is still ignoring the red flags….let’s see what happens next in Episode 6…….