I hate it wen pip question who  i am. Esp wen it is very obvious😒. I remba way bk in Senior High School i was talkin in class as usual. Den frm no wher one man enterd de class! He was well dresd so he was definitly nt a beggar, n his face lukd lyk samwan easin himself😁😄😄! De first tin he sed was ” who is de class’ most talkative?” All eyes wer on me👀. I den assumd he ws one of dose national service teachers who love to beat students who  live in more conducive environmnts😑. Wel i ws ready to tk any numba of canes as my class prefect gave him de list of de names of talkatives:?. My name was der, n i hd lyk 4DP’s…wer DP mins double punishmnt. Bfor i cud push sam hankerchiefs down my pants we wer told he was here to pick one general art student who cn speak wel to be questiond abt de skul. Wat a relief😅! Den in de class he lukd at me n askd, r u sure u cn talk?? I dnt min him any disrepect bt dat was one foolish question:roll:. U came to meet me talkin, u saw de DP’s beside my name n u saw hw de whole class lukd at me wen u askd for de class’ most talkative. Wen he askd dt question i almost told him, ‘no Sir, i whistle😒!’
Nw my own Akosua was askin dis kind of question. “If you r a man….” Dt kinda pissd me off. Ofcos i was a man. So i dropd d drawin n headed out to Akosua’s haus naked. Looolx jx kiddin😂. Frm a distance i cud see her standin infront of her house wit her arms folded. N she lukd restless.
Seein her angry gav me a funny feelin. Wen i got to her i smiled:), hidin all my anger n askd her ‘wat is de prob?’ I tink dt was my greatest mistake! She began sayin tins lyk…
“So u dnt no wat u av dan wrong ryt??”,”Wen was de last tym u even sed hi?”, ” U dnt shw me any care at all, u spend all ur tym wit dt Samuella gal n u want me to bliv its jx bcos of ur fren who died?” , “N now she is goin to be livin wit u!” , “Am sure u r happy!”….bla bla bla

I was waitin patiently for her to finish bt it sims she wsnt dan yt. I was gettin a lil angry n de whole tin was borin to me. Bcos i didnt want to say anytyn or do anytyn crazy i decided to walk away.
As i walkd away she shouted at me, “If u dare walk away frm me, everythin we av togeda is ova!!” i turned back n sed, “Whateva😒”


Watch out for episode 15. Its ur boy Eddy💫