I was lukin @ de two pip i didnt lyk seein. One of dem was Samuella’s dad n de oda was no oda bt my own dad. 😬 Well i hd no idea y my dad wil want a part in dis. Bt as it wer, dey wer here for a diff reason. N my dad hd no idea of Samuella’s ejection. My dad askd wat had hapnd n was told, den he tried to tlk her dad into takin her bk in. Bt dt man is one stubborn goat🐐. He almost fought wit my dad ova dat.
All dis wyl i was takin pix wit de camera i hapnd to av wit me. It jx felt ryt:). N bsides i was out of de scene. My dad afta evrytyn decided dt we take Samuella home wit us😐. My opinion was nt nided so:?….i cudnt say no!
I helpd her pck her stuff into my dad’s car n den off we wnt. In de car i recivd a mesg frm Akosua tellin me she ws angry n dt i av offlate nt shown her any care or concern. Wel dats true n u wil also bare me witness dt i av my own probs too:(. In de car Samuella had her head on my shoulder n stroked her hair gently wyl she cried softly😈.
I cud see my old boy lukin at me in de mirror😬. Wen we got close to Akosua’s place i saw her lil sis standin outside. I wantd to change de position wit Samuella bt it was tooo late. I cudnt jx shove her head off:?. So i cud do nutin wen i saw Diana watchin me. She was jx lyk my sis n so i anticipatd trouble ahead. Wen we arrivd my dad cald out my bro to come n hlp wit de luggage. My bro lukd lyk Pacquaio😑. Wen my dad askd him wat ws wrong he told him he hd caught a cold😄. Tweaaa:mrgreen:. So we packd her luggage into my sisters’ room. It was den dt i noticed a drawin i had dan samtym ago among her stuff:oops:. Dt was kinda strange, n i hd no idea hw it ended up in her stuff. Nw i was getn a lil suspicious. Bfor i cud walk up to her n ask hw she came into possession of dat i saw Diana in de doorway👿. All she sed was, “My sis wants to see u NOW!! She says if u r rilli a man den cam ova right now.”😮


Watch out for episode 14. Its ur boy Eddy💫