Do i rilli luv Akosua? I tink so. Bt i ws gettin kinda bored wit de checkups, long boring chats along wit de attention she demands. I am nt used to dt kind of lyf. N bsides, i hardly tell her wat i go thru. So btw me n u, i was glad i sed “whateva:roll:”. N i did it so nyc, lyk hw its dan in de movies. I didnt lyk de part wer she startd cryin bt de part wer i was bein honest wit myself. Had i nt sed it out i wud stil av sed it in my head😐.
As i wlkd away i cud hear her cryin, dn i hed her bang de gate! Bang!! I ws tinkin i wil feel gud fr bein honest bt it rilli suckd. My heart n mind wer battlin as i walkd home. I was lukin sad alredi:|, bt i pretended to luk alryt.
Wen i got bk home de drawin was nt wer i had put it. I guess samwan hd hidden it. I wsnt ready to confront her yt, so i decidd to go n ask my bro wat rilli hapnd. He told me it ws samtyn personal. I tried probin several tyms bt he gav me no info. Anyway i stil hd my pix incase i eva want to blackmail him😈. Wen i went bk into my room i felt lonely. I misd dat crazy thief Mike! I no he wud av bin wearin my shorts at de momnt bt i cud stil tel him abt wat i had jx dan.
Den my lil sis came in. She is quite smart, n hd alredi noticd de change in my mood. Or mayb Diana hd told her evrytyn. In de sweetest of tones she askd me, “Wat is de prob Bro Edwin?”😌. Trust me! U wil neva want to trust dat small devil. I tld her i was fyn, n den she tried probin jx lyk hw i tried on my bro:mrgreen:. Funny hw shes jx lyk me.
So she left, n i also lay slpless in my room constantly lukin at my fone. A prt of me wantd to call Akosua bt de oda prt ws too ashamd🙈. It ws almost midnyt. Den i rembad de call i hd wen i came to meet my bro in my room. Apparently one of de staff members who got me fired hd taken interest in my poem. He wantd me to meet samwan in a publishin company for a job interview tmor. I hd to gt a trouser n shirt frm my bro n iron b4 ECG do deir tyn. Wen i opend de door Samuella fell ryt into my bosom:oops:! It ws as tho she ws alredi abt to enter wen i opened. So we wer in a kinda weird huggin position😁. N i cud feel her ankasa….u no😬😬.


Watch out for episode 16. Its ur boy Eddy💫