“If we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness:|”. That was my quiet time this morning. I normally use a devotional but this morning I really wanted to see if this scripture is still there. A wiseman told me opportunity comes but once so I will be a liar to tell you Samuella walked away free😁. I got my three points but I stopped and asked her to leave. I guess I just feared my little sister or someone could sneak up on us. It was after she left that I felt how wrong my actions were. I feared I was not who I always thought I was. After confessing my sins to God I decided to confess to Akosua too. Even though I snobbed her yesterday I am sure we can settle that easily:). I was all dressed up for the interview when I called Akosua. When she answered my call she asked “Who is this?”. I chuckle and said this is Edwin and I am really sorry. Then she said, “Which Edwin?, I don’t know any Edwin, it’s a wrong line!”. I felt my heart break like atsormor:twisted:. Before I could leave for the interview my mum called us all to come together for prayer. She said she had a bad dream. So we held hands as a family and prayed. I could hardly pray, but I could see Samuella praying seriously like nothing had happened yesternight:oops:. After everything I left for the interview, it was not so difficult but I couldn’t trust my judgment any more.
I didn’t want to return home because of Samuella so I decided to visit an abandoned site my brother and I used to sit when we were younger. From a distance I saw some love birds having a bit of an argument. They were in my spot so I settled somewhere else. It was then that I realized the love birds were no other than my brother and Samuella😱!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I withdrew and headed home.
Now everything began to make sense to me. I was so shocked! When I got home I was going mad:(!! I needed to talk to someone. I headed for Akosua’s place hoping she didn’t really mean any of what she had said earlier or maybe my presence would change something:?. When I called her phone I could hear it ringing in their compound so I peeked over the wall. Then I saw Akosua in a chair with blood all over her🙀🙀🙊!


Watch out for episode 17. It’s ur boy Eddy💫