Eli opened her eyes and looked around, her nightmare had come true, she was in the middle of nowhere with bushes surrounding her, she was in her village. She wiped away the tears that threatened to drop down her face.

Why hadn’t she just told Kwesi the truth earlier, but what would that had changed, it wouldn’t have changed anything because obviously Kwesi was not the kind of guy who wanted a baby anytime soon.

She stepped out of the car and into the house. She swallowed, she was used to the nuclear family system but in the village it was an extended family.

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Everyone looked at her as she walked in accompanied by her auntie, they got closer and helped her with her luggage for which she was grateful because she felt empty and didn’t know how to react in the presence of all these new people who were supposedly her family.

She saw her grandma sitting a bit away, looking at her, if she had her way she would have run and hidden herself till she had her baby but that wasn’t possible.

Her grandma was an epitome of respect and decency, she wasn’t one to mince words, it was rumored she had thrown her own son into jail for stealing.

She loved her, but she feared her more, she was the grandma everybody loved and feared and as she walked towards her, she  felt she was walking through fire to my execution. She hated it when her face got rubbed in her sins.

To be continued


    • I knw dear, that’s why I’m beginning to post twice a day, unless u prefer prefer a longer one once a day?

  1. come on guys, do u know how difficult it is to create a story? Instead of acknowledging her effort we are here talking about how short or long the episodes are. Am not a writer but am just creating a story, in about 3 months I’ve written only 3 episodes. The words are not even coming, chalie it’s not an easy task. I do respect every writer, keep up the good work Jasmine

    • Lolz, thank u dear, most writers put down what to write for every episode so it makes it easier, I however write straight from my mind so it’s a bit tougher, lolz, don’t worry, I’ll do my best

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