My heart was beating fast! 😨Then I banged the gate and kept calling Akosua!! Akosua!! Then she replied ‘what do you want?’ I told her to stop joking and open the gate. When she opened the gate I was full of panic but there was nothing wrong. I have been so busy that I have forgotten today was her birthday. She just finished killing a fowl for the first time in her life😆. She didn’t smile when she saw me and asked what I wanted. I told her when I saw the blood I thought something had happened to her.
Then she smiled a little and said she knows I came to wish her a happy birthday. I had forgotten but I told her ofcourse😜. And that this time I don’t come bearing gifts in my hand but I bring her my heart💌. She smiled again!
I was gaining hope again then from nowhere Samuella interrupted! She said “I thought you said Akosua was just a friend but you two look more than just friends”. Then she smiled and walked on. I didn’t know what to say again😧. My conversation with Akosua changed all of a sudden along with her mood and the whole thing ended abruptly.
Now I wanted to get rid of Samuella!!As I walked home I was angry although it was true what Samuella said. I told her dat longtym ago.
When I got to the entrance of my house my little sister was standing there with her arms folded. That was strange. When I asked her what the problem was she told me she doesn’t like Samuella and so she wants me to get rid of her😒. I feared she was trying to play my mind so I asked her why and then she said Samuella has started wearing her leggings. That was reason enough because Julia didn’t like sharing.
Now I had a perfect accomplice for the task ahead. We made some plans and struck a deal! We all had our part to play. As I walked into the house I felt a little relieved. I was sure that mischevious girl will work everything out perfectly:)💪. Till I went inside only to find out she had recorded everything and was playing it for Samuella. She had jx played me😣:'(.


Watch out for episode 18. Its ur boy Eddy💫