As I laid down to sleep my mind kept roaming:|. I felt like the loneliest person ever. And what I did with Samuella was all over my mind🙈. I couldn’t even bring myself to pray or read the Bible. It all seemed unbearable now. I could feel :'(tears running down my face.
Then I had an idea that so far seemed to be the best. I took a pen and a new book and started writing📖. I wrote about how I met Akosua and how much she means to me. Then I wrote about my friend Prince’s death and how it relates to Samuella as well as what I did with her yesternight and what I think she has with my brother. I wrote about how my boss wanted to sleep with me and how I overcame. I wrote about all the many lies I have told and the uncontrollable situations that made me tell them😪. I wrote with honesty and into details. In short I wrote about how life has been so hard on me. And then I ended my writing with the password to my laptop, gmail account, facebook account etc. And a warm goodbye!
Then I walked quietly to the hall and dropped the book with tears running down my face. I went to the washroom and collected some painkillers. There were about 40 to 50 tablets in the bottle. I took it to my room and used the end of my pen to crush them into powder. Then I went to get a drink from the fridge. I came back into my room and locked the door. Den I slid the key under the door on to the corridor outside. I poured some of the drink into a cup and added a spoonful of pain killers, it didn’t seem enough so I added another spoon more. As I stirred the mixture with my pen I had mixed feelings😐. But the path I had taken was one of no return. I was determined, and when I am determined nothing stops me.
Deep within me I felt this was the last thing I would ever see. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. As tears run down my face I was trying to imagine what will be on the other side. Good or Bad? I knew thinking about it will make me change my mind so I stopped stirring and quickly drank everything:twisted:!! I mixed one more and drank it too! To make it clean. I had already packed my stuff neatly so I wrapped myself in bed, hoping at least I will get to see Akosua in my dream before I go. But I knew there was not going to be a tomorrow for me!😓


Watch out for episode 19. Its ur boy Eddy💫