She walked towards her grandmother and greeted her. She looked at her with disdain for a few seconds, her old sharp eyes boring into hers

“ you have greatly disappointed me, I had so much hope in you, and to hear you are protecting the father of that child by refusing to mention his name is more shameful, where you such a whore that you can’t remember which one it is?” she asked.

Eli stood there trembling, she had never felt this insulted, her legs were shaking beneath her, the tears spilled down her cheeks as she tried to speak but no words came, her grandma hadn’t been in Accra with her but she knew she was a whore.

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“Mama please let the girl go inside and change, she’s been through enough with her dad” She called Afi to walk Eli to her room and as they walked away, Eli heard her grandma insulting my auntie for covering up for her because she had made the same mistake when she was young.

Eli was emotionally hurt, she didn’t care what they said right now, when they entered the room Eli looked at Afi and back at the room in shock.

There were no beds, just mats on the cold hard floor, and when she  looked it had so many things in there she knew she wasn’t going to sleep there alone, as Afi made her realize, they were going to be five ladies sleeping in the small mud house or room.

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