I cudnt bliv my eyes. My quiet n cul broda was drunk, n was sleepin lyk a dead man in my room. Der had to be more to dis🙊, cux dis is soo nt of him. I quickly rushd into my stuff for my camera. Den i tuk pics of him frm every angle, n den hid de camera in my pocket:). Doin tins lyk dis makes me happy. I woke him up bt he simd too weak to walk so i walked him to his room n dressd up de whole place😓. I den tastd de alcohol n ahh:twisted:! It tastd lyk fuel. I wonder hw pip manage to liv on samtyn lyk dat. All dis while my fon had bin ringin in my room. So i put d bottle in his hand and tuk sam more shots, lockd him up n slipd de key into de room thru de window. I hd to make sure none of my sistas saw him lyk dis esp Julia:roll:!
Wen i chkd my fon i had mizd several calls frm Samuella, u cn call her Daniella too. She has two English names, she always sed one was gven by de fada n d oda by de moda😐. Wateva:roll:! Wen i cald her bk she askd me to cam ova to her place. I left immediately cuz i cud hear her sobbin:|.
It was evenin wen  i got der, n her fada had thrown her out of de haus. Wen she saw me she brightend up as tho she had seen de Messiah bt trust me, i was her Hitler👨! She cried n explained everytyn dat had hapnd. I bliv she didnt leave a single sentence out. Givin details of even hw her dad carried her luggage out…uurrrgh:(! N i was forced to luk sympathetic n forge sam tears. Den she askd me if she cud stay at our place fr de tym bein. Eei😬! Dat was so nt possible. Evn tho our fadas r frens dat was nt for me to decide.
Den i remberd dat Akosua’s place wil be jx fyn. I cald Akosua so many tyms bt she didnt ansa😑. Dat suckd! As i was tinkin of wat to do nxt i saw ‘hell’ n ‘hades’ walkin towards us.🙆. Dis was a gud tym to vanish!!!


Watch out for episode 13. Its ur boy Eddy💫