Afta de call i heard myslf chckle😄. Den i shuk my head. I cudnt bliv my ears. Den i got a call frm Daniella. Dey wer goin to arrest de suspects for Prince’s murder n she wantd me to be der. Her parnts hav no idea wt we r up to. So since i hd givn her my word i left fr de police station. She lukd terrified. Den dey calld her parnts n told dem evtn:?. So de cat ws let outta de bag. Dey got to no deir Daniella ws no angel at all. Her fada is a radical Christian n i fear wat he wil do to his daughter.
I kept tellin her to relax bcus evtyn wil be ok. Bt i new dat was a lie😐. Its wat we tel ourselves wen we cnt do anytyn abt a situation. Afta de arrest it ws almost midday n so i left for wrk. Wen i got to de wrkplace i didnt no if i was to smile or frown. As for de lady at de reception i gave her a mean luk😒. It was as tho dey hd all bin told nt to talk to me. Wen i enterd de office i signaled my boss of my arrival. She lukd quite angry n it ws undastandable. It ws nt a tym to ask her questions anyway. So i startd packin de items into her car boot. N i ws smilin all dt while:mrgreen:.
It was lyk dat momnt wen u greedily put sugar into ur tea n taste to find out it was salt😬. De call i got in de mornin was frm one of de senior staff members tellin me i av bin fired. Dey sed i wud av kept my job if de company was for Shakespeare bt its unfortunate its nt a poetry company. Dts wer i almost lafd😄. So afta deir decision my boss tried to spk on my behalf bt samway samhw dat receptionist had communicated sam info dat implied i ws avin an affair wit my boss:oops:😒.
Actually she(receptionist) dasnt lyk me much cus i told her i see her lyk a man💪. She hd a crush on me n i assumed dt ws a nyc way to avoid any accident.
So my boss n myself wer packin our stuff out of de office.
Wen i got home samtyn was wrong. I cud smell samtyn. I calld out bt no one responded, n my bro’s door was open:oops: dts strange! He is supposd to be at wrk! Wen i chkd de room he wasnt der, n his stuff wer scatterd in de rum. As i walkd to my rum i tuk my phone to call him bt i recivd a call frm a familiar numba. De call ws supposd to put a smile on my face bt de scene in my room left me wit my mouth open😯!


Watch out for episode 12. Its ur boy Eddy💫