THE BLUE WINDOW Season 2 Episode 7


I had closed from school and somehow, Kwesi knew the time I came home, he was standing at his gate and asked me to come with him.

When we got in, his older brother was there. I was surprised, why would Kwesi invite me in when his brother was around, I knew him because I had seen his picture.

“Here she is, her name is Eli” Kwesi said as I turned to look at him in surprise. I stood there stupefied as his brother took my hand in his

“my brother didn’t do justice when he described you to me, you’re much more beautiful than I envisioned”.

At that moment I was glad I wasn’t white else my cheeks would have reddened like a tomato for I was blushing.

“Erhmm….thank you”.

His brother looked at him, back at me and smiled.

“Don’t be shy, welcome to the family” I smiled and looked away.

“That’s enough, you’re making her nervous” Kwesi said, coming to my rescue.

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“Babe, you can settle in, my brother was just leaving, I’m going to see him off, I’ll be back in a minute”.

He walked out and a few seconds later his phone rang. I called out to him but to my surprise he asked me to answer it and left.

I answered but didn’t say a word as I listened for who was on the other end.

“hello….Kwesi, I don’t understand the message you sent to me, I didn’t say I wanted you to be my boyfriend, I get it, you love your girl and whatever but it’s just sex, she’s not going to know….say something……….hello…..”

“Sorry dear, this is his girl” I answered, I was surprised at how mad I was but before I could say a word, the tone went dead. I was surprised, I had always teased Kwesi with the numerous ladies who wanted him and he was pushing them away because of me that was very shocking.

He returned and asked who it was and I told him what happened. He laughed and pulled me up,

“let’s go buy food”. I looked at him. He wanted the world to see we were a couple, I wanted that too but how could I cop with so many friends of Fred’s in the hood.

“Erhmm…, my mom will be home soon”. He laughed.

“I’m not buying that, today there was no extra classes so you got in earlier than usual, that means you have extra time to spare, let’s go”.

He dragged me down the stairs and opened my side of the car for me; I sat in without saying a word as my mind shut down on me. I was tired of thinking.



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