Episode 20

Today wen i woke up my mind was full of tots of Akosua:|. I cudnt sleep thru out de nyt. N as for Dora n Samuella i was kinda dan wit dem:?.
Yestday afta d news of Akosua’s accident i came to my room only to find Dora sittin on Mike’s lap in my room, goin thru pix on my laptop😠. (oh God gv me heart😒)
Dey wer playin a game i tot Mike durin his last visit. U hd to guess de kinda facial xpresn in de nxt pic. If u get it wrng u take a knock. Bt Mike had made it a pinch instead:roll:…dat guy hd his ways. Wat put me off was dat each tym Mike pinchd Akosua she said Awoshie instead of oouuchh! It was obvious dt Dora wasnt der bcos of me so i said hi, dropd my bible n went out to meet Samuella. U wnt bliv wat i heard frm her😧. She used to be in a relationship wit a certain guy ie sexual relationship to be specific. Bt den she was seein Prince too. Philip was a fren to dat guy n wen dey found out she was seein Prince dey tuk him out. Wen i askd wat she ment by ‘seein Prince’, she admitd it was also a sexual relationship. Eiii:oops::oops:!!
I always tot she was virgin Mary oo😯. Nw it was obvious her private part was actualy a public part🙊. N she was sayin she luvs me bunch! Hw3👿! She suddenly lukd ugly to me👵.
Dis mornin i decided nt to go to wrk. I was on my way to d hospital wer Akosua was. D first person i went to c was her lil sis Diana. She had broken a leg bone bt de doctor was sure of a speedy recovery. Den i went to see Akosua😐. As soon as she saw me she smiled. She had sufferd abdominal pains yestday n de doctor feard it cud be due to internal bleedin. Bt it turnd out it was jx bcos of d impact. Fr now my dear Akosua was jx on painkillers.
I sat bside her bed wit her hand in my hands. I new i was starin @ d only gud tin dat had hapnd to me in d past weeks. I wud gv anytin to kip Akosua evn if it wud cost me my job. Oh except my salvation:mrgreen:. She was d only groundnut in my soakings.
I got a call frm my manager. I new i had lost my job:roll:. She askd wer i was n b4 i cud throw her a format she told me to report to d wrkplace immediately wit a hardcopy of my CV. She had secured de job for me.😯😗 She said i av rilli changd her bcos she doubtd de existence of men lyk me! I told Akosua n she said i cud go. It was clear dt i cudnt jx say gudby n go. I decided to kiss her on de cheek lyk she did to me yestday. Wen i bent ova, she met me wit her lips😚. Dt was unexpectd n her tymin was impeccable. Hehehe… I smiled. Den as if we had plannd, lukin into each odas eyes we both said ‘I love you’😍.


Watch out for de funniest conclusion ever. Its ur boy Eddy💥


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