Murder Case Episode 2


“Objection my lord, the Barrister is using foul words in the court.


“Objection sustained” Justice Okoro shouted. Barrister, vulgar words are not allowed in this court.

“I guess all am trying to say is, even if my client truly said what Fidelis has accused him of, then he probably said it under the influence of alcohol. But there is a difference of seven hours between past 3 and past 10. So am sure the alcohol must have cleared from my client’s face even before his wife came back so he wouldn’t carry out an action he had said when still under the influence of alcohol. I rest my case” Barrister clement concluded.


10:45PM 11th AUGUST 2013

The sound of siren blaring in the atmosphere would give you the impression that the president of the federal republic of nigeria was passing, but why would the president pass through a slum?

Neighbours had gathered to catch a glimpse of the ‘VIP’ that was disturbing their peaceful night rest. They were shocked to see an ambulance and a police van parked in front of Mr. Jacobs house.

Mr. Jacobs was a peace lover who was known by all and sundry. He was one of the few men who had courageously stood up and volunteered himself to fight against the incessant armed robbery attacks in the area.

The neighbours couldn’t go close to the area for fear of police but some few people were saying that armed robbers had attacked the family and shot someone.

It was only when they saw Mr.Jacobs coming out with handcuffs that they knew it was more than an armed robbery attack.

He was bundled into the police van while a body carried on a stretcher was dropped inside the ambulance. It was covered with a white linen.

The Police van drove away while the Ambulance drove away via a seperate route. A small car followed the ambulance.

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Dr. Amos, please come to the dock” Barrister clement called out.

A smart looking young man walked to the dock.

“How are you feeling Dr. Amos?” Barrister clement asked.

“Like never before” he replied.

“Great! So you were the head of the medical team that went to the house of Mr. Jacobs that day. Anything you would want the court to hear?” Barrister clement asked.

“As you must have heared, the ambulance conveying the corpse was involved in a ghastly accident and it caught fire. Before then however, i was able to remove the bullet from the patient’s body” Dr. Amos explained.

“Oh!! That reminds me” Barrister clement said and walked to his bag. He brought out a transparent polyethene bag.

“Inside this leather bag is the bullet that hit Mrs. Grace.

See, i’m not a millitary personnel so i took this bullet to the soldier base and i was told that this is a Soviet 5.45x39mm millitary grade bullet.

The question is, where would an odinary vigilante get this kind of bullet? Although am sure a soldier officer has access to such bullets” he paused a little bit for his information to pierce the heart of his listeners.

“Any other thing you would want this court to hear?” he asked Doctor Amos.

“yes, one more thing. When i was examining the victim, i discovered the bullet pierced her at the side of her abdomen. I dont know if that will help”

“Sure,it will help alot” Barrister clement said and turned to face the court.

According to Mr.paul, the deceased was facing her husband who was pointing a gun at his wife while he walked in through the door. He was at the left hand side of Mrs. Grace and the right hand side of Mr. Jacobs.

Again, i am not a millitary personnel but i dont know of any bullet that can carry out a parabolic kind of motion. If my client truly shot the gun, the bullet would have pierced the deceased at the Front and not on the side. I rest my case” he smiled and went back to his seat.

“Would you like to cross-examine the witness?” Justice Okoro asked.

“Yes, your honour” Barrister briggs answered and stood up. He was with a picture.

“Dr. Amos, please look carefully at this picture, are your the one in this picture?” Barrister briggs asked.

Dr. Amos took a brief look at the picture. It was his graduation party. He snapped with Barrister clement and Mr. Jacobs. They all graduated from the same university.

“yes am the one” Dr. Amos replied.

“So you are friends with Mr. Jacobs?”

“Yes” Dr. Amos replied.

Barrister Briggs then turned and faced the court.

“As a boy growing up, i knew how friendship could be. I could do anything for my friends. How are we sure that Dr. Amos here is not trying to save his friend?”

“It is unethical, i can never do such” Dr. Amos cut in.

“But is there a possibility that someone can do such a thing?” Barrister Briggs asked.

“Someone, but definitely not me” Dr. Amos replied.

“My lord, Dr. Amos just admitted that it is possible for someone to lie just to cover up his friend’s act. I hereby rest my case” he said.

Justice Okoro looked at his wristwatch, the court session was already taking longer than he had expected. He decided he was going to adjourn the case after the next witness.

“anyother witness? He asked.

“Yes your honour” barrister clement shouted.

My last witness is Mrs. Grace Jacobs, please come out”.

The whole court was shocked. Can a ghost testify?

Barrister clement just looked at Barrister Briggs and smiled mischievously.

11:00PM, 11Th AUGUST 2013

The Ambulance was travelling at a ‘break neck’ speed that Dr.Amos who was in the other car was finding it difficult to follow them.

“what’s wrong with this driver sef” Dr.Amos said to himself and picked up his phone.

“Adamu, whats wrong with you? Reduce your speed” he spoke to the person on the other end.

“Doctor the patient just sneezed, she is still alive” the driver informed Dr. Amos.
Dr. Amos was shocked. He was personally at the Jacobs house when the patient died.

“Adamu what are you talking about, the patient already gave up”

The next thing Dr. Amos heard from the other end was Jesus! Jesus!! Jesus!!! He raised up his head and saw that the ambulance was just involved in an accident.

The driver of the ambulance was so engrossed in the call he was making with Dr. Amos that he didn’t notice he was about entering a ‘T-junction’. A toyota Tundra 2013 model was also aproaching the junction with nitro speed. Before Adamu, the driver of the ambulance could do anything, the Tundra hit him so hard from the side. The ambulance swayed away from the road, its tyres were not able to hold fast to the coal tar.

The force of the collision, coupled with the bad road made the ambulance to somersault and in the process, the back door opened and grace’s body fell to the ground.

Dr. Amos quickly applied his brake and his car came to a hault. He came out and ran to check the ambulance for survivors.

He saw grace lying on the ground. He picked her up and took her to his car. She was calling out weakly


After dropping her in his car, Dr. Amos wanted to go back to the ambulance when he heard an explosion. The ambulance went up in flames. The smoke was so thick one would think it’s an evil spirit hovering over the Ambulance.

The tundra also had its fair share of damage and Dr.Amos was in a state of dilemma, whether to check the tundra for survivors or take grace home for medical attention. He opted for the later, he took grace to his house but not before calling his hospital to inform them of the accident.

It was at Dr. Amos home that grace was treated without the knowlege of anybody.


Somewhere around the neighborhood of the court, there was a 6 story building. It was the building of ‘Gmax group of companies’.

On the roof of the building stood a young man, he was wearing a khaki and a black hood. His phone rang and he picked it.

“Agent white, the operation parameter has changed, new target is Grace Jacobs” a voice spoke from the other end.

“Grace Jacobs? I thought she was dead?” agent white asked.

“Thats what they made us believe, but right now she is about to testify.

Agent white brought out his binoculars and viewed the court building.

“i see her” he said.

“make sure she doesn’t testify. If she does then our man would go to prison” the voice said.

“Trust me, she is going back to the land of the dead” agent white said. He touched his sniper and smiled

“come on baby, we have work to do” he said.

Grace walked to the front slowly. Some people were even making way for her, nobody wanted to touch a ghost. She looked at the Judge, unlike others, he wasn’t shocked. He had seen more suprises. She looked at her father, she couldn’t read his mind. She walked into the witness box and Barrister clement came forward to question her.

Meanwhile, at the roof of ‘Gmax group of companies, agent white’s phone rang and he picked it up.

“Whats wrong with you, she is almost testifying” a voice shouted.

“I dont have a clear view, someone is in my line of sight” agent white replied.

“I dont care, shoot the im’becile” the voice shouted back and the line went dead.


“How are you doing?” Barrister clement asked Mrs. Grace.

She held back tears and she spoke

“I’m fine”

“what really happened to you?”

Tuuuuaaaaaaah!!! The sniper was shot.
Everybody scampered to safety.

“someone has just been shot! Call the paramedics” A police officer at the premises shouted

To be continued

Mr Pobs