Episode 19

I was hopin dis day wil be d last horrible day of my lyf. Lukin @ wer n how Dora found me yestee, hw Samuella luvs me bunch😘, n de theme of my message. I had alredi told Akosua to prepare to go to church wit me.
Mike was wearin my best shirt. N tday for de first tym i saw my big bro lafin at me kwakwakwa😂😂. Wit my mum’s permission too Mike was wearin my shoes. I av only two blak shoes. De wan Mike is wearin n de one dat makes me uncomfortable wen dancin:o. Anyway i dnt plan on dancin today:?. So wen i was ready i went to Akosua’s place. She was bringin her lil sis along too. It was grt! Wen we got to church  i cud see sam gals lukin at me strangely. I assumed sam of dem wil say Akosua’s sis was my daughter sef. Afta church service we only had to wait a few hours fr de yut conference. Den Akosua’s sis began to cry. She wantd to go home. Oh😯. I lyk dis gal bt wat she was doin now was puttin me off👿. I was flexin d church gals wit Akosua’s😎 presence n dat lil gal wantd to take it frm me. I tried to console her bt she startd stampin her feet🙇. She was pretty determind n i hated her fr dat! So Akosua had to go:|. She saw dat i didnt want her to go. It was written all ova my face. So she walkd to me n kissd me on ma cheek😚. Oh my😍. It felt lyk jumpin into d cold sea. I lafd. No one saw us tho:)
I had bin avoidin Dora all dis while n now dat Akosua was gone i was vulnerable. Wen i saw her in a distance i chngd my direction. N der was Samuella! Funny enaf she was wearin d very dress she wore wen she was sellin beans in my drim. So i jokinly askd her ‘Why did u strike Prince?’. I was jx jokin bt i saw her face change. Den i told her to tell me wat she new abt Prince bcos i had heard very strange stuff.(jx playin mind games). Den she told me she promises to tel me de truth. Wat??:oops:. So der was a truth i didnt no? Durin de prog i didnt see Dora, n Samuella’s presence didnt affect my message. So today was way beta dan wat i xpectd. Samuella told me she wil com ova to my place to xplain everytyn.
As i walkd home i cudnt stop tinkin of wat Samuella had to tel me abt Prince. Whn i got to Akosua’s place i decided to say hi. Bt wen i went in. I was told Akosua n her sis had both bin involved in a car accident. N av bin admitd to a hospital. 😰Oh why me??😩


Watch out for de final episode. Its ur boy Eddy💫