WHY ME? Episode 18


Episode 18

Dis week has bin both gud n ugly. It was gud wen i went to Akosua’s place evryday n rode in my manager’s car too:mrgreen:. It was gud to hear Akosua’s lil sista talk abt hw Akosua cudnt stop mentionin my name at home. N it was gud to repair Philip’s laptop at last😅. Bt it was ugly wen Akosua’s mum started referrin to her as my sista😒. No way😠!!! Dat was a barrier i had to break! A sista wil be a grt limitation. Anada ugly tin was dat Mike was wearin my everytyn😣. Last tym he wantd to take Diana home. 😈Hehe…he had no idea i cud av kild him. Ryt now he is eatin to his fil in d kitchen🍝🍛.
I was preparin for de conference tmor. Afta writin a few points i was tired. Bt wen i got a call frm Akosua my strent was renewd by her voice;). She wantd me to go to a party wit her. I got dresd n puff. Off i went! I heard Mike askin me samtyn i didnt hear him bt i jx said no. He was either askin if i wil stay out long or can he cam along. I guesd:roll:. Wateva it was my ansa was no.
Wen i got to Akosua’s place she lukd very beautiful😚. I cudnt say anytin abt it tho. I dnt no y:?.
Tday i had money lyk Edwin Woyome so i didnt ask questions. Wen we got to d party everytyn was goin on cool until Akosua askd me to dance wit her. She did it in a way dat sayin no wil embaras her. So der i was, reluctanly turnin n twistin at sam Shatta music. Den i saw Dora. Sittin n starin😨 ryt at me.🙆. I whisperd to Akosua dat i wantd to leave. Wen we came out i told her samwan frm my church was der. She decided to leave wit me. Wen we got to her place it was obvious she wantd me to do samtyn. Bt i cudnt🙈. Wen i got home Mike had eaten my food:oops:. He said wen he askd me if i wil eat i said no.🙉. Ma bad😒. N now he was readin my stuff on facebook wit my laptop. N de bowl dat contained my fud stil on his laps😠. I wishd i cud kill him😩.


Watch out for episode 19. It ur boy Eddy💫