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Aaron then takes her to see Magdalena and all these while the police including martin and Botel go after them so they can all help to rescue Magdalena. Aaron arrive there with veronica and in entering the room, he pushes her down and warns her that he is not going to let her out of the place so nervousness fell on both Magdalene and veronica. Aaron then asks veronica to tell Magdalena how much she hates her but she rather tells all the truth to veronica about how Aaron almost beat her to death had it not been Botel who arrived to rescue her and veronica became speechless.

Looking at the situation veronica begins crying and pleaded with Aaron to free them but Aaron tells her that he only came to look for her to derive money from the Prado Castelo’s and nothing else. She then realized how wicked her father is and that all the suffering she has been through is all because of him and not Magdalena.

Pablo’s mum wonders why Mariana refuses to let go her son after all that has happened but on the other hand, she blames pablo for not breaking up with her very well by clearing things up since Mariana misunderstood him. Her mother then tells him that since he is not intending to get back with him then they can’t allow her to pay for the hospital bill and Pablo Quickly gives her mother a relieve after he tells her that martin agreed to pay for the bills so he wouldn’t feel committed to Mariana. Her mother also advised him to stay away from Ana since her brother Manuel is capable of killing him but Pablo thinks he has to still fight for Perla’s love no matter what.

The police arrive to rescue them though it wasn’t easy at long last with they did it with help of martin and as Aaron commands Clemente to shoot martin, the bullet ended on his (Aaron) leg but even with that he still insists on paying them back for all that they have done to him. The police then arrested the two brothers and took them away.

Magdalena thanked veronica for risking her life for her and asks her to give her the opportunity to explain things further and veronica agrees and states that she also has many things to tell her. Mother and daughter then exchanged hugs so passionately with tears and veronica asking her if she is still the most beautiful girl in the whole and Magdalena replies and in the whole universe. They got home and Magdalena tells her how she got separated from her and veronica after hearing everything she says sorry to her for all the suffering she been through.

Blankita still insists on becoming a nurse and therefore would like to go to a nursing school in Mexico but her mum thinks leaving far away from her family could be risky so she is not going to allow her but her father Joaquin thinks it is the best decision their daughter has chosen therefore whether Raymunda likes it or not he is going to support her because he trusts Blankita.

Botel and Martin delivers the information to Jorge about rescuing the two and Jorge thanks martin a lot for risking his life for veronica and Magdalena and he throws a great dinner for them all to celebrate the moment of excitement of veronica finding her mum.

Veronica pleads with Magdalena to give her some time to adopt the habit of calling her mother since she only sees and known her as great and loving friend and Magdalena wills to give her all the time and promise to continue to wait until she calls her her mother.
Virginia, Emiliano and Salma come back from Mina Escondida to meet veronica home and it comes as a surprise and a bad omen to the two women except Emiliano who looked sincerely happy to see her. Virginia then warns her not to think of stealing Emiliano from her because they about getting married.

Salma tries confronting veronica on her return to the house and also to make mockery of her alcoholic father and prostitute mother who run off with her lover and before she could end, Magdalena arrives to correct Salma angrily that those words aren’t true because she is veronica’s mother. Salma then becomes astonished and speechless.

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