WHY ME? Episode 16


Episode 16

I cudnt run frm de scene so i made my face luk lyk i had a constipation:twisted:. Den my mum askd ‘Akosua wat hapnd?’. Wait a min! Did i jx hear my mum cal Akosua by her name😯? I kept quiet as Akosua told my mum a lie for me. Trust me, u dnt want to no wat she said😆. So afta evtyn n as i walkd home wit my mum i was hopin she wud ask wat i was doin wit Akosua. Bt she didnt say anytin until we got to de entrance of our house. Den she said ‘Akosua is a gud girl’.:oops:. Hallelujah sambody😄. It was as if my mum was givin me a go ahead. She told me Akosua has helpd her wit her luggage several tyms. It was gud to hear dat frm my mum. Later in de nyt i chatd wit Akosua saaa☺. We talkd abt so many tyns n we had very similar interests. Jx wen i was abt to go to bed i heard a knock on de door. Wen i went to de door it was my big broda:oops:. He hardly talks. N wat did he want at dis hour? He told me he nided me to disagree if my parents ask me if its a wise decision to let Mike cam n live wit us. I told him ok. Hehehe😄😄. De reason why my bro dasnt want Mike to cam n stay wit us is simple. Wen Mike came to visit us last yr he was all ova my bro. Bcos dey seemd to share similar body features he wore my bros shoes, shirts, trousers, n even used his fone samtyms. Bcos my bro cudnt talk, he prayd for Mike to leave. N it was such a relief. Bt nw, my parents want Mike to cam n stay wit us. Dat wil be hell for him.:?. So i went to bed. N den i had dis drim.
I was eatin beans n gari wit Prince. Afta eatin i lifted up my head only to see dat Samuella was de beans seller. I startd rebukin de devil👿 who wants such a nyc gal to be sellin beans in drims. Wen it was nt wrkin i tried to shake myself out of d drim. Bt den i saw Samuella hit de bak of Prince’s head wit de beans laddle😬. N Prince fell down dead😟. I woke up at once. It was alredi mornin n my mum was sitn by my bed. She told me how sad it was for Mike to lose both parents n askd if it wil be ok to bring him ova. I said yes. I was discombobulated😐.


Watch out for episode 17. Its ur boy Eddy💫